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6 Apr 2008

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titus 39 81 ad roman emperor bust marble
day dream 1880 dante gabriel rossetti 1828 1882
etruscan painted antefix shaped head woman
lady catherine stepney cleopatra richard cockle
cupid rekindling torch hymen 1831 george rennie
england london temple church 12th c inside
dry lacquer sculpture buddha rangoon burma
bronze figure nataraja chola dynasty 1100 ad
standing buddha sarnath india 5th century ad
sandstone figure seated buddha 5th century
figure bodhisattva avalokiteshvara 11th century
relief varaha bhu gadadevi orissa india
vishnu sculpture 11th century bihar india
vishnu sculpture 11th century benniputti thana
shiva parvati sculpture orissa india 13th century
buddhist goddess tara bronze statue 8th century
china cover box porcelain ming dynasty chenghua
china porcelain jar ming dynasty zhengde period
china cloisonne jar ming dynasty xuande period
china underglazee blue cups ming dynasty xuande
aztec mixtec 15th 16th c mexico skull smo
plaster cast trajans column replica 1864
bodhisattva guanyin china jin dynasty
tile phoenix quranic text iran 1275 1325
tile frieze inscription arabic tomb buyanquli ka
england london temple church 12th c tomb
ottoman marquetry tile top table turkey 1560
islam tilework chimneypiece turkey probably
islamic abbasid period stucco vine leaves 836 880
islamic iran glazed mosaic tile 1450 1500
india wine cup shan jahan period 1657 white
neptune triton bernini 1598 1680 1622 23
head roman emperor trajan
faience scarabs 7th 6th centuries bc isis tomb
vespasian 9 79 roman emperor bust marble
bronze mirror bone handle engraved scene depicti
head colossal statue bearded worshipper hel
agricultural tools enkomi cyprus 1200 1050 bc
etruscan votive head woman terracotta 325 300
head priestess goddess vesta 100 20 ad
bronze wheeled vessel stand 1225 1100 bc cyprus
statue goddess artemis artemis bendis wearin
roman sarcophagus child decorated reliefs depictin
different types roman amphorae 2nd century bc 3rd
inscribed funerary relief aurelius hermia wife au
stela relief depicting male figure niche tanit
votive bust woman terracotta 300 200 bc
gold etruscan jewelry 350 300 bc
gold etruscan jewelry 400 350 bc
etruscan sarcophagus seianti hanunia tlesnasa
bronze breastplate 375 325 bc
etruscan jewellery 7th century bc
slab relief male winged sphinx 358 338 bc
terracotta head horse wearing harness larg
roman funerary stele high relief figures 1st
cylinder cyrus great text written akkadian cu
gold bowl jar oxus treasure 5th 4th centuries bc
gold amulet oxus treasure 5th 4th centuries bc
iran persepolis palace darius i relief apadana
monumental inscription hadrian emperor 128 138 ad
lewis chessmen
board wood inscribed ink lines 468 473 book i
tablet terracotta inscription cypriot syllabic sc
golden earrings shaped like dolphin
roman statuette venus holding mirror 2nd century
biel throne marble 140 143 ad
lucius verus 130 169 ad roman co emperor bust
etruscan cinerary urn 425 350 bc
marcus aurelius 121 180 ad roman emperor 161 180
apulo corinthian helmet 400 350 bc
bronze helmet lucanian type 350 250 bc
colossal statue bearded man laurel wreath
limestone grave stele greek epitaph theudaisios e
herodes atticus 101 177 bust marble 2nd century
marble bust faustina younger 125 130 175 dau
head statue warrior conical helmet 625 600
terracotta figure three bodied warrior cyprus
portrait head roman man
head statue devout man laurel wreath 270 2
portrait head statue prince julio claudia
head bearded man laurel wreath 475 450 bc
head devout man 1st century bc cypriot art
head statue bearded man laurel wreath 5th
golden earrings shaped like nike
statue man wearing pointed cap helmet cyprio
statue devotee holding small animal offering l
head horse 4st century bc greek art
golden necklace lion head terminals c 300 bc
head pharaoh probably ramesses ii egypt
royal game ur early dynastic iii period
england london temple church 12th c inside
england london temple church 12th c inside
england london temple church 12th c tomb effigy
england london temple church 12th c inside
england london temple church 12th c tomb
england london temple church 12th c tomb
buddhist goddess tara bronze statue 8th century
sandstone figure seated buddha 5th century
china porcelain jar ming dynasty zhengde period


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