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military/injured ww1 soldier
Injured Ww1 Soldier
mesopotamia clay tablet pictographs drawn iraq
Mesopotamia. Clay Tablet. Pictographs drawn. Iraq. Late Preh
metope parthenon marbles depicting batlle betwe
Metope. Parthenon marbles depicting part of the batlle betwe
stand deliver
Stand and Deliver
joseph mallord william turner 1775 1851
Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851). British painter
mask dancers kerala india
Mask dancers in Kerala, India
children/tulips garden fair florence hardy
Tulips in a garden fair by Florence Hardy
pratts motor oil
Pratts Motor Oil
batteries charged here sign
'Batteries Charged Here' sign
duckhams motor oil thermometer
Duckhams Motor Oil Thermometer
champion spark plugs
Champion Spark Plugs
4 french bulldogs
4 French Bulldogs
day dream 1880 dante gabriel rossetti 1828 1882
The Day Dream, 1880 By Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). E
roman art boy horse possible castori marble
Roman art. Boy with horse (possible CastorI. Marble. Relief
greece athens parthenon head horse chariot
Greece. Athens. Parthenon. Head of horse from the chariot of
piero della francesca italian painter
Piero della Francesca, Italian painter
boy away home florence hardy
A boy away from home by Florence Hardy
pierrot pierrette christmas florence hardy
Pierrot and Pierrette at Christmas by Florence Hardy
turpin shooters hill
Turpin on Shooter's Hill
money life
Your Money or your Life
skating ice
Skating on the ice
st aloysius college chapel mangalore india
St Aloysius College Chapel, Mangalore, India
washing day ethel parkinson
Washing Day, by Ethel Parkinson
baking day ethel parkinson
Baking Day, by Ethel Parkinson
ironing day ethel parkinson
Ironing Day, by Ethel Parkinson
cleaning day ethel parkinson
Cleaning Day, by Ethel Parkinson
mending day ethel parkinson
Mending Day, by Ethel Parkinson
redex petrol additive
Redex Petrol Additive
autumn girl 1814
Autumn Girl 1814
electric tram london
Electric Tram London
spitalfield soup kitchen
Spitalfield Soup Kitchen
spitalfields market 1841
Spitalfields Market/1841
spitalfields church
liverpool st interior
Liverpool St Interior
liverpool st entrance
Liverpool St Entrance
zulu wars dabulamanzi brother king cetewayo
The Zulu wars. Dabulamanzi, brother of King Cetewayo (Cetshw
mute swan swimming
Mute Swan Swimming
turpin kings highway
Turpin on King's Highway
review tatler
Review in the Tatler
etruscan painted antefix shaped head woman
Etruscan painted antefix with shaped head of woman. 520-500
neo assyrian art gypsum tile domestic shrine
Neo-Assyrian Art. Gypsum tile from a domestic shrine
mesopotamian art alabaster flower vase shaped
Mesopotamian Art. Alabaster flower vase shaped as a woman ho
persian art achaemenid dynasty palace darius i
Persian Art. Achaemenid Dynasty. Palace of Darius I. Detail
babylon terracotta tiles decorated floral motifs
Babylon. Terracotta tiles decorated in floral motifs. Dated
octagonal clay prism ca 1100 bc annals
Octagonal clay prism (ca. 1100 BC) - annals of the Assyrian
mesopotamian art assyrian relief head eunuch
Mesopotamian Art. Assyrian. Relief. Head of a eunuch. Dated
assyrian assur temple restoration assyrian king
Assyrian. Assur temple restoration by Assyrian King Adad-nir
limestone kudurru meli shipak kassite dynasty
Limestone kudurru of Meli-Shipak. Kassite Dynasty. Babylon
assyrian commemorative tablet construction pr
Assyrian commemorative tablet about the construction of a pr
limestone kudurru riegn marduk nadin ahhe 1099
Limestone kudurru from the riegn of Marduk-nadin-ahhe (1099
middle babylonian 954 bc limestone boundary stone
Middle Babylonian. 954 B.C. Limestone boundary-stone or kudu
middle babylonian black diorite tablet
Middle babylonian. Black diorite tablet of Nabu-apla-iddina
eanna shum iddina kudurru 1125 1100 bc
The Eanna-shum-iddina kudurru (1125-1100 B.C.). Kassite Dyna
lady catherine stepney cleopatra richard cockle
Lady Catherine Stepney as Cleopatra, by Richard Cockle Lucas
cupid rekindling torch hymen 1831 george rennie
Cupid Rekindling the torch of Hymen, 1831. By George Rennie
england london temple church 12th c inside
England. London. Temple Church. 12th C. Inside. United Kingd
dry lacquer sculpture buddha rangoon burma
Dry lacquer sculpture of the Buddha. Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar
bronze figure nataraja chola dynasty 1100 ad
Bronze figure of Nataraja. Chola dynasty. Around 1100 AD. Br
standing buddha sarnath india 5th century ad
Standing Buddha. From Sarnath, India. 5th century AD. Gupta
sandstone figure seated buddha 5th century
Sandstone figure of the seated Buddha. 5th century. Sarnath
figure bodhisattva avalokiteshvara 11th century
Figure of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. 11th century. British
relief varaha bhu gadadevi orissa india
Relief of Varaha with Bhu and Gadadevi. From Orissa, India
vishnu sculpture 11th century bihar india
Vishnu. Sculpture. 11th century. Bihar. India. British Museu
vishnu sculpture 11th century benniputti thana
Vishnu. Sculpture. 11th century. Benniputti Thana, Bihar, In
shiva parvati sculpture orissa india 13th century
Shiva and Parvati sculpture. Orissa, India, 13th century AD
buddhist goddess tara bronze statue 8th century
Buddhist goddess, Tara. Bronze statue. 8th century. From Sri
china cover box porcelain ming dynasty chenghua
China. Cover box, porcelain. Ming dynasty, Chenghua period
china porcelain jar ming dynasty zhengde period
China. Porcelain jar. Ming dynasty. Zhengde period. 1505-152
china cloisonne jar ming dynasty xuande period
China. Cloisonne Jar. Ming dynasty, Xuande period (1426-35 A
china underglazee blue cups ming dynasty xuande
China. Underglazee blue cups. Ming dynasty, Xuande period (1
france paris eiffel tower gustave eiffel 1832 1923
France. Paris. Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923). I
plaster cast trajans column replica 1864
Plaster cast of Trajan's column. Replica of 1864. Victoria a
bodhisattva guanyin china jin dynasty
The Bodhisattva Guanyin. China. Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) with
tile phoenix quranic text iran 1275 1325
Tile with phoenix and Quranic text. Iran. 1275-1325. Moulded
tile frieze inscription arabic tomb buyanquli ka
Tile frieze with inscription in Arabic. Tomb of Buyanquli Ka
england london temple church 12th c tomb
England. London. Temple Church. 12th C. Tomb effigies of the
ottoman marquetry tile top table turkey 1560
Ottoman marquetry and tile-top table. Turkey. 1560. Victoria
islam tilework chimneypiece turkey probably
Islam. Tilework Chimneypiece, Turkey, probably Istanbul, 173
islamic abbasid period stucco vine leaves 836 880
Islamic. Abbasid period. Stucco. Vine leaves. 836-880. Samar
islamic iran glazed mosaic tile 1450 1500
Islamic. Iran. Glazed mosaic tile. 1450-1500. Probably
india wine cup shan jahan period 1657 white
India. Wine cup of Shan Jahan period. 1657. White nephrite j
neptune triton bernini 1598 1680 1622 23
Neptune and Triton by Bernini (1598-1680). 1622-23. Baroque
stela seneferseshempepy 2150 bc dendara 6th dynaty
Stela of Seneferseshempepy. 2150 BC. Dendara. 6th Dynaty. Br
fragment beard great sphinx giza egypt ne
Fragment of the beard of the Great Sphinx of Giza. Egypt. Ne
apollo head marble 120 140 ad palace justinian
Apollo. Head. Marble. 120-140 AD. From Palace of Justinian
early classical satyr hunting wils animasl freezes
Early Classical. Satyr hunting wils Animasl. Freezes. Panthe
bust pericles 495 429 bc roman copy hadrians
Bust of Pericles (495-429 BC). Roman copy. From Hadrian's V
early classical satyr wielding tree branch 5th bc
Early Classical. Satyr wielding a tree branch. 5th BC. Lyci
early classical guardian sphinxes 5th bc lycian
Early Classical. Guardian Sphinxes. 5th BC. Lycian. Xanthos
chatsworth head bronze probaby apollo 460 bc
Chatsworth head. Bronze. Probaby Apollo. 460 BC. From Tamas
mesopotamia record food supplies iraq late
Mesopotamia. Record of food supplies. Iraq. Late Prehistoric
early writing pictographs drawn clay tablet
Early writing. Pictographs drawn. Clay tablet. Administrativ
mesopotamia limestone statue woman kingdom
Mesopotamia. Limestone statue of a woman. Kingdom of Lagash
mesopotamia terracotta vase probably umma iraq
Mesopotamia. Terracotta vase. Probably from Umma. Iraq. Earl
mesopotamia clay foundation peg 1st dynasty lagash
Mesopotamia. Clay foundation peg. 1st Dynasty of Lagash. 240
mesopotamia gypsum statue woman early dynatic
Mesopotamia. Gypsum statue of a woman. Early Dynatic period
mesopotamia foundation nails 3rd millenium bc
Mesopotamia. Foundation nails. 3rd Millenium BC. Bronze. Ir
mesopotamia summer archaic dynasty iii plaque
Mesopotamia. Summer. Archaic Dynasty III. Plaque. From Ur. 2
africa nigeria ekoi mask 19th century
Africa. Nigeria. Ekoi mask. 19th century. British Museum. Lo


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