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Aboriginal Gallery

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Truganini, last surviving female Tasmanian aborigine
Pomfret illustration
Affray of rival Aboriginal tribes, three miles from Brisbane in New South Wales
Portrait of an Aboriginal man, named Bennelong
Aboriginal medicine man of the Worgaia, Central Australia
Western Australia - Aborigine Elders ready for a Corroboree
Aboriginal initiation ceremony
Kola Dancers. India
Aboriginal woman smoking a pipe, Australia, c.1890
Two aboriginal men, named Garicha and Boyguda, of Cape York, Australia
Scene showing Aborigines of Victoria, to accompany given in The Illustrated London News
Page from The Illustrated London News reporting on the indigenous people of Australia
Portrait of one of two aboriginal boys brought to England
Australian aboriginal with a shield used as
Australian aboriginal dancing
Australian aboriginal with club
Head of an Australian aboriginal
Willilnga, a native of the interior of Australia
Australian Aboriginal with termite anthills
Aboriginal Warramunga man, Northern Territory, Australia
Aboriginal Karundi warrior, Queensland, Australia
Aboriginal woman, Southern Queensland, Australia
An Artesian Bore - New South Wales, Australia
Surveyors for the Trans-Australian Railway meet Aboriginals
Survey Party / Australia
Group of Australian Aborigines
Aboriginal boat beached - two aboriginal men paddling a simi
Aboriginal man from New Holland (Australia)
Aboriginal burial site in Van Diemens Land (Tasmania)
Aboriginal boy playing golf
Aboriginal boy playing cricket
Aboriginal children skipping
Portrait of an aboriginal child
Australian Aborigines hunting Kangaroo with boomerangs
William Lanne, last surviving male Tasmanian aborigine
Ban-nel-lang meeting the Governor
Tasmanian aborigines attacking a settlers hut
Indigenous Selk nam Indian, Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile
Indigenous Selk nam Indians, Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile
Ainu Couple - Japan
Australian Aboriginal Girl and wild flowers
Harbour landscape with an encounter between Aborigines and B
Eel illustration
Bulldog shark illustration
Drawing 25 from the Watling Collection
Guardfish illustration
Eimeo and barrier reef
Herring illustration

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