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Background imageUFOs Collection: Coyne Helicopter / Ufo

Coyne Helicopter / Ufo
Captain Lawrence J. Coyne, piloting a UH-1H helicopter observes a UFO at close quarters, the craft beaming a green light on the chopper near Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Gulf Breeze

Ufos / Gulf Breeze
Ed Walters goes out of his house to get a better view of a UFO, is zapped by a blue beam and lifted off the ground

Background imageUFOs Collection: UFO crashes at Aztec, New Mexico

UFO crashes at Aztec, New Mexico
A flying saucer which allegedly crashed near Aztec, New Mexico, reported by Frank Scully with spurious data from Dr G, but with possible basis in fact

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufo / Masse / Valensole

Ufo / Masse / Valensole
Working early in the morning in his Lavender field, Maurice Masse, comes across an alien craft and its occupants

Background imageUFOs Collection: Travis Walton Abduction

Travis Walton Abduction
FIRE IN THE SKY Travis Walton is abducted by a UFO, as he and colleagues return from work in the Apache Sitgreaves Forest, Arizona, USA

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / George Adamski

Ufos / George Adamski
He meets Orthon, a Venusian, at Desert Center, California; the encounter is allegedly witnessed from a distance by his friends

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Cattle Mutilation

Ufos / Cattle Mutilation
Modern phenomena, whereby cattle are taken and mutilated by unknown entities. Strange surgical procedures are employed, baffling scientists

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Cussac, France

Ufos / Cussac, France
Two boys report seeing four aliens - they describe them as little devils - who fly round a spherical craft landed in a field

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Zamora / Socorro

Ufos / Zamora / Socorro
New Mexico patrolman Lonnie Zamora sees a landed UFO and two occupants; they depart rapidly when he approaches

Background imageUFOs Collection: UFO abduction in New Hampshire, USA

UFO abduction in New Hampshire, USA
A UFO abduction in New Hampshire, USA. Betty and Barney Hill, driving at night, see a UFO. Later they are stopped by the aliens, taken on board the flying saucer and subjected to a medical examination

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Abductions / Allagash

Ufos / Abductions / Allagash
Four men canoeing in Maine, USA are startled by a glowing light in the sky. All four later claim to have been abducted

Background imageUFOs Collection: Abductions / Hill / Map

Abductions / Hill / Map
Betty Hill abducted aboard an alien UFO is shown a star map by her abductors which is later shown to be accurate

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Abductions / Allagash

Ufos / Abductions / Allagash
Four men on a canoeing trip in Maine, USA encounter a UFO and claim shared abduction on board a spaceship as well as many related incidents

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Varginha, Brazil

Ufos / Varginha, Brazil
Two creatures, 1 metre tall, said to be Extraterrestrials, are captured alive by Brazilian army intelligence, who take them away secretly and deny the whole affair

Background imageUFOs Collection: Elk Abducted by Ufo 1999

Elk Abducted by Ufo 1999
In Washington State, USA, two men watch in amazement as an alien disk lifts an elk from the ground and carries it away

Background imageUFOs Collection: Imjarvi, Finland 1970

Imjarvi, Finland 1970
Woodman Aarno Heinonen and farmer Esko Viljo, skiing, see a domed UFO land so near I could have touched it with my ski-stick : an alien entity appears in a light beam

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Burtoo / Aldershot

Ufos / Burtoo / Aldershot
Alfred Burtoo, fishing at night, is approached by aliens who take him into their spacecraft but decide that he is too old for their purposes

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufo / Hopkinsville / 1955

Ufo / Hopkinsville / 1955
At the Sutton Farm near Hopkinsville eight adults and three children were terrorised by small glowing aliens who were immune to gun shots

Background imageUFOs Collection: Cahill Ufo Abduction

Cahill Ufo Abduction
Kelly Cahill (pseudonym) is abducted while driving home with her husband, seemingly confirmed by other witnesses

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Fry / Merlin

Ufos / Fry / Merlin
Contactee Daniel Fry, thanks to his extraterrestrial friends, was able to film this spinning UFO over Merlin, Oregon

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Yorkshire, England

Ufos / Yorkshire, England
Three flying saucers are photographed as they fly in formation over Yorkshire. Alas, the photo has since been proved to be a fake

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Cash, Landrum

Ufos / Cash, Landrum
Betty Cash, Vickie & Colby Landrum see a diamond of fire over the road ahead of them, accompanied by black helicopters; subsequently they suffer from radiation

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Gill / New Guinea

Ufos / Gill / New Guinea
At Boianai, Papua New Guinea, missionary William Gill and 37 others see a hovering saucer whose occupants wave to them : it returns the next night

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Roswell Crash

Ufos / Roswell Crash
At the Foster Ranch, New Mexico, debris supposed to be from a crashed UFO is found, alien bodies allegedly retrieved from second site on the Plains of San Agostin

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Voronezh

Ufos / Voronezh
Landed UFO with two aliens

Background imageUFOs Collection: Darbishire Ufo Fake

Darbishire Ufo Fake
Schoolboy Stephen Darbishire photographs this Adamski-type UFO at Coniston, Lancashire : it will be many years before he will admit it is a fake

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Canary Islands

Ufos / Canary Islands
A UFO sighted at Maspalomas, Canary Islands

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / New Mexico / Villa

Ufos / New Mexico / Villa
Not a UFO, but an experimental disc made by Paul Villa to a design generously offered by visiting aliens from Coma Berenices 2 of 2

Background imageUFOs Collection: Moving UFO in the night sky over Hessdalen, Norway

Moving UFO in the night sky over Hessdalen, Norway
Because of the long exposure time its not possible to say how much of the apparent shape of these Hessdalen lights is real, or due to movement

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Papua, New Guinea

Ufos / Papua, New Guinea
Missionary William Gill and 37 natives see a disc with waving occupants, which hovers over the mission two nights running

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufo - Nagata, Japan

Ufo - Nagata, Japan
This is one of the most saucer-like photographs of a flying saucer ever taken; unfortunately the size of the object is not known, nor if it contains occupants or not

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Michalak

Ufos / Michalak
Steven Michalak encounters a UFO at Falcon Lake, Canada. He investigates the craft, but receives a grid like burn to his chest

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Pelotas, Brazil

Ufos / Pelotas, Brazil
A private aircraft encounters an alien mother ship near Pelotas, southern Brazil

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Dodin / Krasnoyarsk

Ufos / Dodin / Krasnoyarsk
At Krasnoyarsk Krai, East Russia, writer/lecturer Veniamin Dodin two nights running sees a dirigible-like object over a secret research area, which separates

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufo Rising from Sea

Ufo Rising from Sea
Throughout the history of the UFO phenomenon, mysterious objects have been seen emerging from the sea, leading to speculation about submarine bases

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / New Mexico / Villa

Ufos / New Mexico / Villa
UFO from Coma Berenices whose nine occupants spoke with Paul Villa for 90 minutes at Peralta, though what they talked about, no one knows 2 of 4

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Helena, Montana

Ufos / Helena, Montana
Classic domed disk with windows and four-piece landing gear hovers over country home near Helena, Montana, USA Date: April 1966

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos Strauch St George

Ufos Strauch St George
Deputy sheriff Arthur Strauch takes this photo while hunting with four companions near St. George, Minnesota

Background imageUFOs Collection: Imaginary Ufo (Buhler)

Imaginary Ufo (Buhler)
This painting captures the mysteriously ambiguous quality of the UFOs - part nuts-and- bolts spacecraft, part dreamlike shapes which echo subconscious archetypes

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Fry / Merlin

Ufos / Fry / Merlin
Contactee Daniel Fry, thanks to his extraterrestrial friends, was able to film this spinning UFO over Merlin, Oregon

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Arnold

Ufos / Arnold
Idaho businessman Kenneth Arnold, flying over the Cascade Mountains, Washington State, sees a formation of very bright objects

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Pienaar / Transvaal

Ufos / Pienaar / Transvaal
Farmer Jan Pienaar, driving with unnamed African farmhand, encounters landed saucer across the road

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Valentich / Bass St

Ufos / Valentich / Bass St
Near Melbourne, Australia, Frederick Valentich, flying alone, encounters unknown object over the sea and after a strange radio message he and his plane vanish for ever

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Arnold / Cascade Mt

Ufos / Arnold / Cascade Mt
Idaho businessman Kenneth Arnold sees group of fast- moving UFOs over the Cascade Mountains, Washington State, USA

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / North Sea Intercept

Ufos / North Sea Intercept
A Lightning fighter intercepts a UFO over the North Sea

Background imageUFOs Collection: Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds
Seen under favourable conditions, lenticular clouds can look very solid, giving rise to misidentification as UFOs : these were photographed over Marseille, France

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Rome, Italy

Ufos / Rome, Italy
Unnamed witnesses report a metallic UFO which takes off vertically like a rocket

Background imageUFOs Collection: Ufos / Ciampino / Italy

Ufos / Ciampino / Italy
The sighting of this striking UFO by military personnel at Ciampino, one of Romes airports, is confirmed by radar

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