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Images Dated 23rd November 2018

Choose from 51 pictures in our Images Dated 23rd November 2018 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

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A Penultimatum - Huerta and U.S. Intervention Featured 23 Nov 2018 Print

A Penultimatum - Huerta and U.S. Intervention

"A Penultimatum" - A Punch magazine satirical cartoon of the American intervention with the Mexican Revolution in 1914. Despite conspiring with Huerta to overthrow Madera and establish a new government, the U.S. then refused to recognise the Huerta regime. General Huerta in stereotypical Mexican clothes holds a spyglass resting on a wall, with the port of Tampico in the distance, and U.S. naval ships farther out at sea. A paper with the words "USA Menace to Mexico" lies at Huerta's feet. This refers to the Tampico Affair were several U.S. sailors were forcibly detained and U.S. naval forces subsequently occupied the port for more than six months. The accompanying caption reads: President Huerta. "American Fleet to visit me and exchange compliments? Well, it's nice to be recognised anyhow." Date: 1914

© Mary Evans Picture Library

Revolution at Panama Featured 23 Nov 2018 Print

Revolution at Panama

On 3rd November 1903, American forces prevented Colombian troops from travelling from Colon to suppress a rebellion occurring in Panama City by standing in front of the train station.This was to ensure their interests in the Panama Canal, US president Roosevelt and French financiers conspired to support the separation of Panama from Columbia in order to secure the construction and access to the canal. Date: 1903

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans

Maximilian's Suite Featured 23 Nov 2018 Print

Maximilian's Suite

The component people that made up Archduke Maximilian and Archduchess Charlotte's suite (Left to Right). Knight Kuhachevich, Treasurer. Count Francois Zichy, Master of Ceremonies. Knight of Scherzenlechner. Marquis Coreo, Chamberlain. Countess Colonitz. Countess Zichy, Princess of Metternich. The Count of Lutzow, Chamberlain. Baron de Pont, Secretary. Date: 1864

© Mary Evans Picture Library