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18 Apr 2013

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william smith geological map
William Smith Geological Map
geological map oxfordshire
Geological Map of Oxfordshire
beetles/longhorn beetle
Longhorn beetle
hms beagle
HMS Beagle
natural history museum/durio zibethinus durian fruit
Durio zibethinus, durian fruit
juniperus communis juniper
Juniperus communis, juniper
natural history museum/plate 102 john reeves collection zoology
Plate 102 from the John Reeves Collection (Zoology)
natural history museum/cladognathus sp stag beetle
Cladognathus sp., stag beetle
central hall
Central Hall
awful changes cartoon
'Awful changes' cartoon
beetles/coleoptera sp metallic beetles
Coleoptera sp., metallic beetles
ichthyosaurus plesiosaurus
Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus
entomology specimens
Entomology Specimens
motor homunculus
Motor homunculus
dr johannes vogel
Dr Johannes Vogel
insects surinam
Insects of Surinam
natural history museum/tropaeolum majus nasturtium
Tropaeolum majus, nasturtium
entomological specimens lepidoptera
Entomological specimens of Lepidoptera
beetles/chrysina limbata silver chafer beetle
Chrysina limbata, silver chafer beetle
natural history museum/strelitzea sp bird paradise flower
Strelitzea sp., bird of paradise flower
ballyregan bob greyhound
Ballyregan Bob, greyhound
weird looking fat striped fish illustration
Weird looking Fat Striped Fish illustration
phormium tenax new zealand flax
Phormium tenax, New Zealand flax
weeping willow
Weeping Willow
crystal palace dinosaur models
Crystal Palace Dinosaur Models
natural history museum/erithacus rubecula european robin
Erithacus rubecula, European robin
natural history museum/papaver somniferum opium poppy
Papaver somniferum, Opium poppy
sensory homunculus
Sensory homunculus
phoeniconaias minor lesser flamingo
Phoeniconaias minor, lesser flamingo
flea illustration
Flea illustration
plate 1 specimens british minerals vol 1 p ras
Plate 1 from Specimens of British Minerals? vol. 1 by P. Ras
vegetable roots
Vegetable roots
plate 327 gleanings natural history george ed
Plate 327 from The Gleanings of Natural History by George Ed
aquilegia sp columbine
Aquilegia sp., columbine
astacus astacus linnaeus crayfish
Astacus astacus Linnaeus, crayfish
ananas comosus pineapple
Ananas comosus, pineapple
longwood st helena
Longwood, St. Helena
larch fir
Larch Fir
sir joseph paxton 1801 1865
Sir Joseph Paxton (1801-1865)
scottish pine forest
Scottish Pine Forest
ophrys apifera bee orchid
Ophrys apifera, bee orchid
natural history museum/parus caeruleus blue tit
Parus caeruleus, blue tit
sabal palmetto cabbage palmetto
Sabal palmetto, cabbage palmetto
beta vulgaris spinach beet
Beta vulgaris, spinach beet
stuart hine scolopendra gigantea giant centipede
Stuart Hine with Scolopendra gigantea, giant centipede
gold black sands gold pan
Gold with black sands in a gold pan
ashcroft collection swiss minerals
Ashcroft Collection of Swiss minerals
homo heidelbergensis action
Homo heidelbergensis in action
cassowary head
Cassowary Head
prunus sp peach grimwoods royal george grosse
Prunus sp., peach (Grimwood's Royal George or Grosse Mignon
turdus philomelos song thrush
Turdus philomelos, song thrush
silybum marianum milk thistle
Silybum marianum, milk thistle
mustela nivalis weasel
Mustela nivalis, least weasel
hw bates illustrated notebooks
H.W. Bates illustrated notebooks
natural history museum/ornithoptera alexandrae queen alexandras birdwing
Ornithoptera alexandrae, Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterfl
sabatia bartramii savannah pink eacles imperialis
Sabatia bartramii, savannah pink & Eacles imperialis, imperi
dianthus barbatus sweet william
Dianthus barbatus, sweet william
kelloways stone
Kelloways Stone
makapansgat pebble
The Makapansgat Pebble
muntiacus muntjak indian muntjac
Muntiacus muntjak, Indian muntjac
james carle sowerby 1787 1871
James De Carle Sowerby (1787-1871)
tilia alba
Tilia alba
henry walter bates 1825 1892 51935
Henry Walter Bates (1825-1892) see 51935
fire ant
Fire ant
vanda caerulea himalayan orchid
Vanda caerulea, Himalayan orchid
plate 327 gleanings natural history george ed
Plate 327 from The Gleanings of Natural History by George Ed
regulus regulus goldcrest nest eggs
Regulus regulus, goldcrest nest and eggs
old sugar mill st thomas west indies 1873
Old Sugar Mill, St. Thomas, West Indies 1873
schistosoma spp blood flukes
Schistosoma spp., blood flukes
henry walter bates 1825 1892
Henry Walter Bates (1825-1892)
glossina morsitans morsitans savanna tsetse fly
Glossina morsitans morsitans, savanna tsetse fly
myristica sp nutmeg
Myristica sp., nutmeg
arachide hypogee peanut
Arachide hypogee, peanut
ls plate 2 john reeves collection
LS Plate 2 from the John Reeves Collection
saccharum officinarum sugar cane
Saccharum officinarum, sugar cane
food plant bulbs
Food plant bulbs
ocimum sanctum holy basil
Ocimum sanctum, holy basil
physalia pelagica portugese man of war
Physalia pelagica, Portugese-man-of-war
agkistrodon piscivorus cottonmouth snake
Agkistrodon piscivorus, cottonmouth snake
milvus milvus red kite
Milvus milvus, red kite
sitta sp nuthatch
Sitta sp., nuthatch
raphus cucullatus dodo
Raphus cucullatus, dodo
papaver sp blue poppy
Papaver sp., blue poppy
strelitzia alba white bird paradise
Strelitzia alba, white bird of paradise
fayal azores 1873
Fayal, Azores 1873
birthstone series amythest quartz
Birthstone Series: Amythest Quartz
asteroceras fossil ammonite
Asteroceras, fossil ammonite
parasaurolophus skeleton
Parasaurolophus skeleton
ananas comosus pineapple philaethria dido
Ananas comosus (pineapple) & Philaethria dido
humboldt party collecting plant
Humboldt and his party collecting plant
examples mimicry butterflies
Examples of mimicry among butterflies
tooth woolly mammoth
Tooth from a woolly mammoth
murchison cm2 carbonaceous chondrite
The Murchison CM2 carbonaceous chondrite
engraving human skull
Engraving of a human skull
beetle illustrations
Beetle illustrations


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