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6 Mar 2012

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bouquet flowers stone niche 1618 ambrosius boss
Bouquet of flowers in a stone niche, 1618, by Ambrosius Boss
trundholm sun chariot early bronze age c
The Trundholm sun chariot. Early Bronze Age. C. 1400 BC
dancing glade sorgenfri north copenhagen 1800
The Dancing Glade at Sorgenfri, North of Copenhagen, 1800, b
summer evening hammars repair yard 1885 albert
Summer evening at Hammar's repair yard, 1885, by Albert Edel
iron foundry burmeister wain 1885 peder
The Iron Foundry, Burmeister & Wain, 1885, by Peder Severin
roman osteria 1866 carl heinrich bloch
In a Roman Osteria, 1866, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890)
victorious danish soldier 1850 1851 hw bissen
A Victorious Danish Soldier, 1850-1851 by H.W. Bissen (1798
alice c1918 amedeo modigliani 1884 1920
Alice, c.1918, by Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920)
turkish galley encounter british warships
A turkish galley in an encounter with two british warships
dutch men of war storm off rocky coast 1672
Dutch men-of-war in a storm off a rocky coast, 1672, by Wille
don miguel castro emissary congo c1643 1650
Don Miguel de Castro, Emissary of Congo, c.1643-1650, by Alb
christ suffering redeemer 1495 1500 andrea mante
Christ as the Suffering Redeemer, 1495-1500, by Andrea Mante
st victor st corona c1350 master palazzo ven
St. Victor and St. Corona, c.1350, by Master for Palazzo Ven
nuptial chest 15th century giovanni di ser giovanni
Nuptial Chest. 15th century, By Giovanni di Ser Giovanni Lo
matthaeus yrsselius 1541 1629 abbot sint michiels
Matthaeus Yrsselius (1541-1629), Abbot of Sint-Michiel's Abb
flagellation 1496 1497 durer 1471 1528
The Flagellation, 1496-1497, by Durer (1471-1528)
procession calvary 1602 pieter brueghel youn
The Procession to Calvary, 1602, by Pieter Brueghel the Youn
national museum art copenhagen exterior
National Museum of Art. Copenhagen. Exterior
national museum art copenhagen interior
National Museum of Art. Copenhagen. Interior
denmark copenhagen national museum interior
Denmark. Copenhagen. National Museum. Interior
cycladic civilization early bronze age 3300 2000 bc
Cycladic civilization. Early Bronze Age. 3300-2000 BC. Naked
phoenician kingdom northern lebanon sarcophagus
Phoenician Kingdom. Northern Lebanon. Sarcophagus. It was ma
greek art magna graecia amphorae decorated
Greek art. Magna Graecia. Amphorae decorated. National Museu
golden altar lisbjerg chruch near arhus 1135 40
Golden altar from Lisbjerg Chruch, near Arhus. 1135-40. Nati
terracotta figure young woman tomb canosa apulia
Terracotta figure of young woman. Tomb in Canosa, Apulia. 30
greek art magna graecia amphora decorated sphinxes
Greek Art. Magna Graecia. Amphora decorated. Sphinxes. Natio
roskilde cross byzantine reliquary cross gold
The Roskilde cross. Byzantine reliquary cross of gold. Aroun
national museums northern ireland/roskilde cross c1100 denmark
The Roskilde Cross. C.1100. Denmark
denmark copenhagen natinal museum denmark
Denmark. Copenhagen. Natinal Museum of Denmark. Inside
finger rings 1st 6th centuries ad gold use f
Finger rings from 1st-6th centuries AD. Gold. The use over f
gudme home gods 3rd 7th century gold jewerly
Gudme. Home of the gods. 3rd-7th century. Gold jewerly. Gold
metal age gold bracteates national museum
Metal Age. The gold bracteates. National Museum of Denmark
golden horns gallehus north mogeltonder southern
The Golden Horns of Gallehus. North of Mogeltonder, Southern
copy reliquary scandinavia end
A copy of a reliquary made in Scandinavia at the end of the
vikings fine collars carriage horses bu
Vikings. Two fine collars for carriage horses, were found bu
metal age womans grave 3rd ad himlingoje
Metal Age. Woman's grave 3rd AD. Himlingoje. Grave goods. Na
early iron roman influence gryphon vimose
The early Iron. Roman influence. Gryphon of Vimose. Bronze
metal age gold ornaments lions head womans
Metal Age. Gold ornaments with lions' head. Woman's grave fr
early iron age bog body huldremose djurslan
The Early Iron Age. The bog body from Huldremose in Djurslan
grave goods dollerup jutland drinking horns wit
Grave goods from Dollerup in Jutland. Two drinking horns wit
cauldron riveted bronze plates hammered thin cel
Cauldron of riveted bronze plates hammered thin. Made by Cel
gundestrup cauldron silver vessel 200 bc 300 ad
The Gundestrup cauldron. Silver vessel. 200 BC and 300 AD. F
prehistory early iron age dejbjerg wagon 50 bc
Prehistory. The Early Iron Age. The Dejbjerg Wagon. 50 BC. N
viking age runestone tirsted 10th century ad
Viking Age. Runestone. Tirsted. 10th century AD. National M
viking age asferg 1000 ad runestone dedication
Viking Age. Asferg. 1000 AD. Runestone. Dedication to a dec
viking age runestone dedicated ancestors
Viking Age. Runestone. Dedicated to their ancestors. Nationa
viking age runestones dedicated ancestors
Viking Age. Runestones. Dedicated to their ancestors. Nation
metal age golden bowls 1000 800 bc borgbjerg
Metal Age. Golden bowls. 1000-800 BC. From Borgbjerg Banke
golden vessels denmark late bronze age 800 400 bc
Golden vessels. Denmark. The Late Bronze Age. 800-400 BC. Na
egypt funerary stela wood luxor late period
Egypt. Funerary stela of wood. Luxor, Late Period, 650-640 B
bronze age rock carving jaegersborg dyrehave
Bronze Age. Rock carving from Jaegersborg Dyrehave north of
rock carving engelstrup northwestern zealand
Rock carving from Engelstrup, northwestern Zealand, 1100-700
bronze age golden bowls handle shaped like horse
Bronze Age. Golden bowls, most with handle shaped like horse
folding chair ash wood second half 1400 bc
Folding chair in ash wood. Second half of 1400 BC. Bronze Ag
gold bracelets early bronze age 1700 1100 bc
Gold bracelets. Early Bronze Age. 1700-1100 BC
circular bronze belt ornaments bronze age
Circular bronze belt ornaments. Bronze Age. 1400 BC. Found a
swords hungary romania c 1600 bc
Swords from Hungary or Romania. C. 1600 BC
flint tools gjera vendsyssel early bronze age
Flint tools from Gjera, Vendsyssel. Early Bronze Age. 1700-1
bronze dagger axe blade bronze vigerslev
Bronze dagger and axe blade of bronze. Vigerslev. 2000-1700
objects skeldal central jutland 2000 1700 bc
Objects from Skeldal, central Jutland. 2000-1700 BC
flint daggers middle period daggers 2000 bc
Flint daggers. Middle Period of the Daggers. 2000 BC. Grimme
curved swords rorby zealand c1550 bc
Curved swords. From Rorby, Zealand. C.1550 BC. Bronze Age
skarpsalling pot 3200 bc neolithic period
The Skarpsalling Pot. 3200 BC. Neolithic Period
bone pins neolithic denmark
Bone pins. Neolithic. Denmark
skull young girl 16 years old 3500 3400 bc
Skull of a young girl. 16 years old. 3500-3400 BC
flint daggers dagger period 2000 1500 bc
Flint daggers. Dagger Period. 2000-1500 BC
skull young girl 18 20 years old 3500 3400 bc
Skull of a young girl. 18-20 years old. 3500-3400 BC
trepanned skull man 3500 3400 bc denmark
Trepanned skull of a man. 3500-3400 BC. Denmark
trepanned skull neolithic period denmark
Trepanned skull. Neolithic Period. Denmark
flint axes sacrifice sigersdal mose c 3500 bc
Flint axes for sacrifice. Sigersdal Mose. C. 3500 BC
ceramics early neolithic period 3900 3500 bc
Ceramics. Early Neolithic Period. 3900-3500 BC
flint axe 3600 3400 bc western zealand denmark
Flint axe. 3600-3400 BC. Western Zealand, Denmark
metal age golden bowls handle shaped like horses
Metal Age. Golden bowls, most with handle shaped like horses
metal age northern europe round shields
Metal Age. Northern Europe. The round shields. Period 1100-7
bronze age belt ornaments bog fjellerup funen
Bronze Age. Belt ornaments. From a bog at Fjellerup, Funen
bronze age objects ornaments broze northern
Bronze Age. Objects and ornaments. Broze. Northern Zealand
bronze age hair form braided locks sacri
Bronze Age. Hair in the form of braided locks was also sacri
bronze age interlaced plaits farup vindum ce
Bronze Age. Four interlaced plaits. From Farup at Vindum, ce
prehistoric art metal age male figure oak
Prehistoric. Art. Metal Age. Male figure of oak, from Brodde
bronze age belt ornaments 700 500 ac national
Bronze Age. Belt ornaments. 700-500 A.C. National Museum of
metal age belt small bronze rings ornamental pl
Metal Age. Belt of many small bronze rings and ornamental pl
bronze age belt ornaments arm rings neck ring
Bronze Age. Belt ornaments, arm rings, a neck ring. Fardal
lurs lur horns nordic wind instruments used br
Lurs. The lur horns are Nordic wind instruments. Used for Br
metal age cult axe ormenaes funen 1500 1300 bc
Metal Age. Cult axe from Ormenaes, Funen. 1500-1300 BC. Mus
cult axe bastad near helsingborg scania c 1400 bc
Cult axe from Bastad near Helsingborg, Scania. C. 1400 BC. N
metal age cinerary urn 700 500 bc museum denmark
Metal Age. Cinerary urn. 700-500 BC. Museum of Denmark. Cope
bronze age womens ornaments bronze figure
Bronze Age. Several women's ornaments and some bronze figure
prehistory helmet veksoe bog 800 400 bc
Prehistory. Helmet of from Veksoe-bog. (800-400 BC). Denmark
bone objects maglemosian culture 9500 6500 bc
Bone objects. Maglemosian Culture, 9500-6500 BC
flint tools used reindeer hunters solbjerg lolland
Flint tools used by reindeer hunters. Solbjerg, Lolland. Ahr
tools bromme culture 11000 bc
Tools of Bromme Culture. 11000 BC
harpoons bone maglemosian culture 8700 6500 bc
Harpoons. Bone. Maglemosian Culture, 8700-6500 BC
flint handaxes maglemosian culture 9500 6500 bc
Flint handaxes. Maglemosian Culture, 9500-6500 BC
polished flint axes 3700 3500 bc maglehojs vange
Polished flint axes. 3700-3500 BC. From Maglehojs Vange, Den
flint axe 3100 3000 bc eastern zealand denmark
Flint axe. 3100-3000 BC. Eastern Zealand, Denmark
polished flint axes 3700 3500 bc hagelbjerggard
Polished flint axes. 3700-3500 BC. From Hagelbjerggard, cent
group axes work battle periods denmark
Group of axes for work and battle. Some periods. Denmark
funerary trappings mans grave dragsholm 3800 bc
Funerary trappings of a man's grave at Dragsholm. 3800 BC
flint axe stone denmark
Flint axe of stone from Denmark


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