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29 Feb 2012

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apprentice engineers
denmark copenhagen ny carlsberg glyptotek museum
cycle racing event
women chatting kitchen
scene football match
voting national health service act 1948
scene lecture theatre
1940s hairstyle
embankment river thames london
epsom derby
1940s hairstyle
ny carlsberg glyptotek copenhagen inside
cnidus aphrodite marble sculpture roman copy
fragment krater italy 30 20 bc marble artemis
statue sciarra amazon marble 2nd century ad
kybele italy 1st century ad bust marble
relief amazonomachy athens greece 2nd century
athena statue goddess wisdom war rome 2nd
odysseus rome late 1st century ad bust marble
athena parthenos amelia italy ad 100 150 bust
zeus rome late 2nd century ad bust marble
kybele formiae campania c 60 bc marble
apollo rome italy 1st century ad marble
aphrodite called hera borghese monte calvo
dionysus bust 2nd century ad marble
god hermes statue marble italy
heracles divine hero greek mythology head
greek general stratetos bust marble
erato statue muse lyric poetry playing zither
philip ii macedon 382 336 bc bust marble
alexander great 356 323 bc king macedonia
bust pompey 106 bc 48bc military political
bust identified julius caesar 102 100 44 bc
tiberius 42 bc 37 ad roman emperor bust
bacchus satyr panther marble
caligua gaius julius caesar augustus germanicus
claudius 10 bc 54 ad roman emperor bust
pharaoh akhenaten nefertiti relief el amarna
scribe amenophis worshipping sun god egypt
stele roma doorkeeper dedicated goddess astarte
hippopotamus egyptian faience egypt
pharaoh akhenaten relief el amarna egypt
pharaoh akhenaten head el amarna egypt
princess meritaten relief amarna period egypt
stele dedicated bull mnevis laundryman ipi egypt
head statuette princess egypt
sculpture ramesses ii god ptah egypt
stele dedicated mnevis bull ra egypt
statue diorite treasury sethi i
statue cube diorite treasury sethi i
king ptolemy ii offering eye paint god horakhte
statue goddess sakhmet egypt
hieroglyphic writing relief tomb princes
relief depicting lion goddess mehit god onuris s
relief ram headed god egypt
head male statue 3rd century bc egypt
relief king ram headed god egypt
statue god sebiumeker
statue official wife egypt
relief depicting hieroglyph detail tomb setju
ankh statue egyptian god anubis
statue egyptian god anubis
relief depicting temple treasurer setju sakkara
relief tomb chamberlain se khenti ka egypt
ahmose mother egyptian statue
relief depicting offering scene egypt
carlsberg glyptotek museum room classical portraits
goddess juno bust marble 2nd century carlsberg
vibia sabina 83 136 137 roman empress wife hadrian
commodus 161 192 roman emperor bust carlsberg
marcus aurelius 121 180 ad roman emperor
roman art sarcophagus marsyas apollo marble
greek boxer early 3rd century bust marble
caracalla 188 217 roman emperor bust
septimius severus 145 211 roman emperor bust
empress julia domna 170 217 wife septimius
gallienus c 218 268 roman emperor bust
valerian 193 195 200 ai 260 264 roman emperor
maximinus thrax c 173 238 roman emperor bust
alexander severus 208 235 roman emperor 222 235
roman art heracles 4th century carrara marble
general officer arrius justus 300 ac marble
roman art sarcophagus aurelia kyrilla marble
beauty palmyra c 190 210 ac limestone
carlsberg glyptotek museum room classical sculpture
palmyrene priest c 190 210 ac limestone
statue god set bronze silver egypt carlsberg g
amenemhat iii pharaoh twelfth dynasty egypt
amenhotep ii amenophis ii 18th dynasty egypt
egyptian art relief depicting man portrait
egyptian art hieroglyphic writing relief
offering scene ka em rehus tomb sakkara
egypt stele general intef antef carlsberg
carlsberg glyptotek museum copenhagen denmark
egypt stele general intef antef detail
egypt head cat amber eyes carlsberg glyptotek
ny carlsberg glyptotek copenhagen inside
cnidus aphrodite marble sculpture roman copy
dionysus bust 2nd century ad marble


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