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Images Dated 18th February 2011

Choose from 55 pictures in our Images Dated 18th February 2011 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

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Eadbald converted by Laurence Featured 18 Feb 2011 Image

Eadbald converted by Laurence

Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury, shows his lacerated body to King Eadbald of Kent. The wounds were the result of a vision in which St Peter whipped him in order to convince Laurence that he should make further efforts to convert Eadbald, a pagan, to Christianity. In this Laurence was succesful. Date: Circa 617 A.D

© Mary Evans Picture Library

Archbishop Laurence converts Eadbald Featured 18 Feb 2011 Image

Archbishop Laurence converts Eadbald

Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury, convinces King Eadbald of Kent to convert to Christianity. Eadbald, a pagan, succeeded his father Ethelbert (who had converted to Christianity) in 616 A.D. a major setback to the growth of the Church in England. In the tale related by Bede, Archbishop Laurence had all but given up on converting Eadbald, but experienced a vision in which he was whipped by St Peter. The following morning he showed the marks made by the whipping to the King, which was enough to instantly convert him. Date: Circa 617 A.D

© Mary Evans Picture Library

Eadwig rebuked by Dunstan and Odo Featured 18 Feb 2011 Image

Eadwig rebuked by Dunstan and Odo

The new young king of England, Eadwig, is chastised by Dunstan, Abbot of Glastonbury, and Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury, for his liaison with the noblewoman Aethelgifu, with whom Eadwig chose to spend time on his coronation day rather than attend the meeting of nobles that Odo is pointing out in this illustration. Date: 955

© Mary Evans Picture Library