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Normandie Poster
Crystal Palace 1901
Britten-Norman BN2 Islander G-AVCN on a full-size float
British RAF aeroplanes in 1939 by G. H. Davis
The Big Hollow Tree - Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Market Reports - English Country Squire carves the beef
Gulliver in Brobdingnag
Egypt / Sphinx 1910
Pumping Engine
Ratner patent safe, fire and fall resisting, Grade 1
The Fast Mail by Lincoln J. Carter
Miniature card, Nestles Happy Families
The most famous buildings of the world 1885
Giant Machnow at Taylors Depository
The Imperial Japanese Navy, Second World War, 1941
Ufo - Nagata, Japan
Britains Brabazon I passenger aircraft by G. H. Davis
Growth of the submarine by G. H. Davis
Zanzibar - Tanzania - Large Ivory Tusks
Malik-I-Maidan at the Bijapur Fort, Karnataka, India
Silhouette, As Mad As A Hatter (or March Hare)
Largest ear of corn grown in Canada
Trail left by the Loch Ness Monster?
Vishnu and Lakshmi, Hindu gods
Crop Circle Alton Barnes
Black Gang Chine I.O.W
Ferry at Dartmouth
Replica of George Stephensons Rocket Locomotive
German U-boat by G. H. Davis
Making horse tack in a workshop
Bakers Shop / Loaves
Boss and Secretary 1928
Finnish Canal
Finnish Canal
Shorteared Bat (Bewick)
Alice in Wonderland, Alice and a caterpillar
Ivan Markoff, a Russian cossack giant, early 20th century
Size of Argentavis magnificens compared to a human figure
A row of girls from Togo, West Africa
American Fat Man - Barney Worth - Freakshow Performer
Details of the V2 rocket bomb by G. H. Davis
Fathers Kilt will soon fit Willie (but not quite yet, hence the universal merriment
Comic postcard, large man with small car
Pigeons - A Red Helmet, Black Lahore and Yellow Spot
Pigeons - English Fantails or Garden Fantails
Model of artillery piece, WW1
Employees - Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Comic postcard, Woman complains about dress size Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, A row of six bottoms in swimsuits at the seaside Date: 20th century

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