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Saved Gallery

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King Nebuchadnezzar and the Fiery Furnace
Grace Darling, rowing with her father
Grace Darling, lighthouse keepers daughter
Lancelot Saves Arthur
Wounded Saved by Dog
Margaret of Anjou asks a robber for mercy
Freemasons Hall, London
P&O Liner SS Delhi, 1911
Birkenhead Wrecked B+W
Events / Africa / Libya
A steward and stewardess, surviving crew of the Titanic
Map of Dunkirk area during the evacuation, WW2
Gothic Art. France. Paris. Notre Dame. Facade. the archangel
A cavalry charge that saved the line, Matania, WW1
Louis Pfeiffer
Comic postcard, Little boy and old man - saving money Date: 20th century
Shadows of a Great City by Joseph Jefferson and L R Sherwell
Membership card for the Caterpillar Club belonging to Flight Officer Edwin Walker
Poorly Madi warrior fed Liebig Extract - Stanley
A Penny Saved
A Penny Saved
Aerial view of Dunkirk during the evacuation, WW2
Map of France and Belgium, evacuation from Dunkirk, WW2
British Expeditionary Force evacuating from Dunkirk, WW2
Return of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, WW2
Return of British and French troops from Dunkirk, WW2
Tower building with evangelical message, North America
Mercedes racing car with unnecessary metal drilled out
The St. Louis Beef Canning Co. - Cooked Corn Beef
Palermo, Sicily, Italy - Monte Pellegrino and the port
A gallant rescue under fire, saving a pals life, WW1
Prince Edward rescuing his father at Battle of Evesham
A Dramatic Rescue
Accident Passenger Saved
Cartoon, Armenia Delivered, WW1
Pocahontas saves Captain John Smith
Euler / Malrand / Ferat
A penny saved is a penny earned
Naval Division in Great War Deeds, WW1
WWI Poster, Every Second Matters
Women WW1 Joan of Arc
Boy scout saves drowning woman, Athens, Greece
Firefighter in a flying bomb film, WW2
Rescue following flying bomb attack, London, WW2
Rescue following bombing, WW2
Rescue following V2 rocket attack, Manor Park, London, WW2
HMS Majestic battle-ship torpedoed and sunk 1915
Saved by parachute from a burning plane

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Housewares, Mounted, Metal...

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