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Ruby Gallery

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Royal crowns and sceptre
Four Colours Together
Countess of Cromer
Imperial State Crown of George I, was crowned 1714
Precious stones including diamond, ruby, sapphire
Sir Edward and Lady Carson on their wedding day
Advert for Spiers & Ponds stores, jewellery 1911
Two stage gowns from Paris, 1925
Two outfits from Lucien Lelong, Paris, 1925
Fashion fancies of the moment from Woolland Bros
Cover for Dance Magazine September 1929
Seadragon and striped cowfish
Nest and egg of the redwing blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus
Handmaid moth and orange underwing moth
Ruby tiger moth and peach blossom moth
The Great Carew Ruby
Diamond pendants and brooches with pearl and ruby
Gem flexible bracelets in pearl, diamond
Ladies fancy watches, circa 1895
Cuff links and shirt studs in gold and enamel
Fine gem rings in ruby, diamond, turquoise and opal
Gem scarf pins with diamond, ruby, sapphire
Brown tiger moth, cream-spot tiger, ruby tiger
Music cover, Ruby by P Bucalossi
The Sketch, 1938 Motor Dicta
The Great Balas or Black Princes Ruby
The Edge O Beyond by Roy Horniman and Ruby Miller
Society at Cowes - on board the Solace
Advert for John Bennett jewellers, novelty jewellery 1901
Window glass, Plate 203
Myanmar - Ruby Mines - Mogok
Ruby Ray
Ruby Ray
Various Precious Stones
Ruby Keeler
Ruby Keeler
See-Saw by Arthur E Eliot
Ruby-throated, Calothorax lucifer, and Amethystine
Ruby-crested, Chrysolampis mosquitus, and ruby-throated
Coronation of George V, receiving ring and Sceptres
Corundum variety ruby; crystal and gems
Birthstone Series: Ruby
Ruby and Sapphire
Sapphire turban button
Many colours of corundum
Rubies and sapphires
Ruby and sapphire gravel
Chrysis rudii, ruby-tailed wasp

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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