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Rounded Collection (#2)

Background imageRounded Collection: Concrete balloon houses by G. H. Davis

Concrete balloon houses by G. H. Davis
Concrete balloon houses: an ingenious system of construction from America. Date: 1942

Background imageRounded Collection: Advert for Mary Black Model 1936

Advert for Mary Black Model 1936
1930s woman wearing a black velvet gown with grey stripes. Date: 1936

Background imageRounded Collection: View of Whitehall, rounded corners

View of Whitehall, rounded corners

Background imageRounded Collection: Cynocephala hardyi Endrodi, scarab beetle

Cynocephala hardyi Endrodi, scarab beetle
A scarab beetle (Cynocephala hardyi Endrodi) from the collections of the Natural History Museum, London

Background imageRounded Collection: Oolitic limestone

Oolitic limestone
An oolitic limstone originating from Rutland, U.K showing the perfectly rounded ooliths of which it is composed. Formed in shallow, agitated marine conditions, and only in warm climates

Background imageRounded Collection: Uvarovite garnet

Uvarovite garnets comprise of (calcium chromium silicate). They are characterized by their green colour and rounded crystals of either 12 or 24 faces

Background imageRounded Collection: Descloizite

Descloizite is comprised of (lead zinc vanadate hydroxide) and is characterized by platy crystals with a rounded triangualr shape. Specimen from the Natural History Museum, London

Background imageRounded Collection: Andalusite cut stone

Andalusite cut stone
Andalusite is an aluminium silicate. It shows spectacular red and green pleochroic colours

Background imageRounded Collection: Entrance to the Communal Palace, Perugia

Entrance to the Communal Palace, Perugia, Umbria, Italy Date: circa 1910s

Background imageRounded Collection: Remote Scottish Cottage

Remote Scottish Cottage
A derelict old cottage, a homestead at Torrin, on the Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Beyond the tangled garden can be seen the rounded hump of the Red Hills. Date: 19th century

Background imageRounded Collection: Body-Straighteners

A choice of halters designed to straighten the backs and shoulders of patients inclined to curvature of the spine, rounded shoulders and other deformities. Date: 1900

Background imageRounded Collection: Female Type Well Rounded

Female Type Well Rounded
A well-rounded countrywoman in a bright orange flowery dress. Date: 1913

Background imageRounded Collection: Local police and milita in Brunei

Local police and milita in Brunei
Members of the local police and militia hold captured rebels who were rounded up during the recent action. On the 17th December 1962 it was officially announced that the rebellion was over

Background imageRounded Collection: Close-up of a Snowy Owl

Close-up of a Snowy Owl
A close-up of a Snowy Owl in Paradise Park, a wildlife sanctuary in Hayle, Cornwall. The Snowy Owl is a large, diurnal white owl with a rounded head, yellow eyes and black bill

Background imageRounded Collection: Tenerife - Itinerant Re-sellers

Tenerife - Itinerant Re-sellers
Two women in traditional costume on the Island of Tenerife. The card caption translates as re-sellers - these ladies are likely to be itinerant traders of goods of some description

Background imageRounded Collection: Aquascutum rainwear

Aquascutum rainwear
This charming green proofed Ottoman silk coat with its pretty collar and wide, rounded shoulder line can be worn belted as it is here, or hanging loose from the shoulders

Background imageRounded Collection: Brazil. Gold Washing. Rounded Water-Worn Pebble of Gold with

Brazil. Gold Washing. Rounded Water-Worn Pebble of Gold with
Worn specimen of gold encrusted pebble, containing 6 oz of gold

Background imageRounded Collection: Boer / Prisoners / 1st Brits

Boer / Prisoners / 1st Brits
PRISONERS The first British prisoners are rounded up by the Boers

Background imageRounded Collection: Fashions for April, 1872

Fashions for April, 1872
A selection of ladies fashions from the Paris designers, April 1872. From left to right: Toilette de Diner, trimmed with a deep flounce

Background imageRounded Collection: Green Costume 1877

Green Costume 1877
Vertical silhouette enhances by vertical trim on the cuirasse bodice and skirt. The front plastron is in the same shade as the cuffs. The skirt has a rounded train

Background imageRounded Collection: Costume / Women / Scandinav

Costume / Women / Scandinav
A Scandinavian woman wearing a red tunic and rounded bonnet

Background imageRounded Collection: Mink Coat 1922

Mink Coat 1922
A mink coat with rounded front borders, funnel shaped sleeves, a large roll collar & a wrap-over front fastened with one large fur covered button

Background imageRounded Collection: Flannel Suit with Shorts

Flannel Suit with Shorts
Smart young lad in a grey flannel hat & suit of shorts & jacket with patch pockets & rounded front borders worn with knee-length socks & shoes & a striped tie

Background imageRounded Collection: Norwegians Rounded Up

Norwegians Rounded Up
Norway : dissident males are rounded up by the German occupation forces

Background imageRounded Collection: Husband / Wife / Belfast 19C

Husband / Wife / Belfast 19C
Man: short S-B jacket, rounded pocket flap, bound edges & cut-away at the front. Woman: jacket body, beaded collar, ruff, open tunic & skirt with knife-pleated flounces

Background imageRounded Collection: Costume / Photo of Frank

Costume / Photo of Frank
Boy wears a dark 3-piece suit with a collarless short jacket fastening with one button at the throat & the front borders rounded off, an Eton collar, narrow bowtie & a peaked cap

Background imageRounded Collection: Costume / Photo / Men / R Day

Costume / Photo / Men / R Day
A man seated on a stile wears a short S-B coat with rounded borders, collar & long lapels, narrow fitting trousers & a low square crowned hat with a broad hat band

Background imageRounded Collection: German Girl Photo 1890S

German Girl Photo 1890S
Teenage girl wears a boater, high stand collar with the points in front rounded off, cravat, jacket with gigot sleeves, contrasting collar, lapels & braid & lace up shoes

Background imageRounded Collection: CHILDRENs DRESS 1890S

Boy: Knickerbocker suit with open jacket & rounded front borders, spotted waistcoat & Eton collar. Girl: high necked dress with yoke, tight sleeves & epaulettes, sash & rossette

Background imageRounded Collection: Boy & Velvet Chair 1860S

Boy & Velvet Chair 1860S
Boy: dark suit with a Zouave style jacket (collarless, one button & rounded front borders), waistcoat, narrow bowtie & boots. His hair is slicked back from his face

Background imageRounded Collection: Boys / Lounge Suits 1860S

Boys / Lounge Suits 1860S
Two boys wear dark suits with narrow bowties. The jackets have collars and lapels, a top button only & the front borders rounded off

Background imageRounded Collection: Boy in Suit 1860S

Boy in Suit 1860S
A boy wears a dark suit, waistcoat & boots & holds a pair of leather gloves. His jacket has a tiny turn down collar, a top button only & the front borders rounded off

Background imageRounded Collection: Frock Coat Photo

Frock Coat Photo
Young man in frock coat, high stand-fall shirt collar with rounded ends, slim patterned tie, pale coloured waistcoat, dark narrow trousers, top hat, cane & leather gloves

Background imageRounded Collection: Evening Cape Coat 1922

Evening Cape Coat 1922
Voluminous cape like evening coat by Paul Poiret: oblong yoke in a floral fabric & rounded hem at the back with a red border at the front, plus drop earrings & a headband

Background imageRounded Collection: Skating Costume 1899

Skating Costume 1899
Brown fur-trimmed costume: short coat with rounded basque, cord trim, tight sleeves with gathered puff & ankle length gored skirt. N.B Minks head on the collar

Background imageRounded Collection: Dutch Trading Vessels

Dutch Trading Vessels
A fine engraving of Dutch trading vessels, showing the distinctive rounded hull, and elaborate carvings both fore and aft

Background imageRounded Collection: Furs / Grunwaldt / Plate 10

Furs / Grunwaldt / Plate 10
Short jacket with rounded front borders in an unspecified grey fur with contrasting trim; black fur coat or mantle with deep fur collar & cuffs

Background imageRounded Collection: Fur Coats & Muffs 1914

Fur Coats & Muffs 1914
Fur coats: rounded borders, long lapels & contrasting collar or with a diagonal wrap-over front & collar & cuffs trimmed with ermine tails; flat fur muffs

Background imageRounded Collection: Trotteurs 1913

Trotteurs 1913
Doeuillet Tailor-mades: Pink: hobble skirt with panels, belted jacket with rounded borders. Purple: jacket with a gored skirt cut shorter at the front. N.B fur muff & stole

Background imageRounded Collection: Overcoat Back View 1907

Overcoat Back View 1907
An American 3/4 length overcoat in a self-stripe woollen fabric with velvet collar & rounded corners to the back vent

Background imageRounded Collection: Tailor-Made / Redfern 1914

Tailor-Made / Redfern 1914
Tailor-made by Redfern with draped skirt with side pockets, waistcoat & jacket with a roll collar, pocket flaps, ornamental buttonholes & rounded front borders

Background imageRounded Collection: MENs JACKETS FOR 1951

French male style for Spring- Summer 1951: trousers with a sharp crease & either a mustard yellow D-B jacket with long lapels or a maroon S-B jacket with rounded front borders

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