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Representation Gallery

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Geological Strata 19C
Codex Borgia. Ritual and divinatory mesoamerican
Circus scene. Illustration by G鲡rd Laplau (1938-2009)
Phrenological Head
CELLARIUS, Andreas (1596-1665). Atlas Coelestis
Rosicrucian Symbol
Hebrew Bible (1299) located in Perpignan (Kingdom
Copernicuss System (1)
Audience of Darius I. Persian art
Crusaders Idealised
Hand-drawn postcard, Adolf Hitler, WW2, Anti-Nazi Propaganda
Les Diables Bleus - 21st Regiment of the Chasseurs Alpins
Borley Rectory Ghost
GLC-LFB Centenary Royal Review at Lambeth HQ
Queens Bargemaster and Watermen in Queen Victoria s
His Majesty Edward VIII
LIBYA. Tadrart Acacus. Representation of giraffes
Balloon ascent by Blanchard
Diamond Cutting
Science / Evolution / Ascent
Nutmeg / Various Parts
Tournament Tents (Shaw)
The Muscular System of the Human Body
Corinne Griffith impersonates speed -The Lilies of the Field
WW1 - German Propaganda - Taming the Allied animals
Fatima Vision Painting
Palmistry - Belot
Spanish Golden Age Theater (Siglo de Oro), 16th-17th
Representation of a trepanation in Ancient Egypt
Venus of Willendorf. Paleolithic art
Darius I on his throne. Persian Art
The Empress Dowager Cixi (Tzu-Hsi)
The Illustrated London News Election Map - 1906
Sri Lanka - Shiva the Destroyer and Reproducer and Peacock
Islamic art. Turkey. Iznik tile with the depiction of Medina
Japanese Anti-Chinese Propaganda - John Bull and Uncle Sam
Roman as with a representation of the god Janus
Raphael (1483-1520). Angel. 1500-1501. Fragment
FASSMAN, Josep Mir i Rocafort, named Profesor. Spanish
Pro-Suffrage Propaganda Mrs Poyser
Vintage 19th century photograph: Duomo, cathedral, Milan, Italy
Vintage late 19th century photograph - Brussels, Eglise St Godule, Belgium
Mohunts of Hundoomangurhee, Hindoo, Hindu tribe, Oude
Holy Trinity Church, Back Bay area, Boston Massachusetts
Bhurs, suppposedly Aboriginal, Oude
Singhpo, warlike frontier tribe, southern frontier of Assam

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