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Renison Collection

Background imageRenison Collection: Angel Inn, Guildford

Angel Inn, Guildford
An etching of the Angel Inn, one of Guildford's large coaching inns established in the middle ages, with Jacobean or Tudor timber framing

Background imageRenison Collection: Maison Jeanne DArc, Rouen

Maison Jeanne DArc, Rouen
An etching of a market square with tall, half timbered houses in Rouen, France. It was by the location where Joan of Arc was burned alive, on May 30th, 1431

Background imageRenison Collection: The Colleoni Statue, Venice

The Colleoni Statue, Venice
An etching of the Equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni, within the Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, a city square in Venice, Italy. The sculpture was made circa 1480, by Andrea del Verrocchio

Background imageRenison Collection: Hotel De Ville, Loches

Hotel De Ville, Loches
An etching of a town hall in Loches, France, dating from 1543, built out of limestone, under the guidance of the master mason, Jean Baudoin, authorized by King Francois. Date: circa 1920

Background imageRenison Collection: Desolate

A landscape etching of some mountainous cliff faces, swathed in both shadow and sunlight. Date: circa 1919

Background imageRenison Collection: Cloudland

A landscape watercolour painting of a distant farmer, standing behind his four cows, on a broad, flat field, under an expansive cloudy sky. Date: circa 1919

Background imageRenison Collection: John Knox's House

John Knox's House
An architectural etching of the house of John Knox, a Scottish minister and writer, founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Background imageRenison Collection: The Great Clock, Rouen

The Great Clock, Rouen
An architectural etching of the Gros-Horloge, The Great Clock, a 14th century astronomical clock in Rouen, Normandy. The construction was started by Jourdain del Leche

Background imageRenison Collection: The Bargate, Southampton

The Bargate, Southampton
An architectural etching which shows the Bargate, a medieval gatehouse in Southampton, England. The structure was built circa 1180, out of stone and flint. Date: circa 1917

Background imageRenison Collection: Mountain Etching

Mountain Etching
Etching of a cluster of small rocky hills nicely encapsulating a body of water. Date: circa 1926

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