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Rebel Gallery

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USS Monitor and CSS Virginia ironclad naval battle
Anti-Mau Mau poster, caricature of a Mau Mau rebel, 1952
General Zapata, leader of rebels in Southern Mexico, 1913
John Ball / Agitator
1857 Mutiny / Rebel Sepoys
Nigerian Rising 1895
Maud Gonne
Maud Gonne
Down-stream, by Rebel Stanton
The Bystander - Surf riders front cover
Palestian Rebellion / 1936
Jack Cades Rebellion
Khyber Pass - Dead Afghan Frontier Raider
Death of Wat Tyler during the Peasants Revolt
Panayot Ivanov Hitov (1830 A?o??n? 1918). Was a Bulgarian
Spain. 16th century. Revolt of the Comuneros (1520-1521). Ma
Emilio Aguinaldo
Sophie Arnould, French soprano in the opera
America - Rebel Crowd at Springfield with the black flag
Arrival of Spanish Volunteers at Havana
The Battle of Pacocha - The British Attack Peruvian Ship
Charles Sims, The rebel powers that thee array
Bonnie Prince Charlie in hiding in the moors of Scotland
Scottish rebel against English Prayer Book
The Pilgrimage of Grace
The death of Earl Simon de Montfort
Normans attacking Hereward the Wakes refuge
Very Stylish Young Woman stitting backward on a chair
Jack Cade attacking London by night
Henry VI Part II - title page
Bitter Sweet by Rebel Stanton
Juan Lopez de Padilla (1490-1521). Insurrectionary leader in
Independence of Bosnia Herzegovina, 1875. Fight near Trebign
Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898). Rebels appeal for a p
Cartoon entitled Hallelujah of the Constitution of 1812, dep
Martin Barrundia (d.1890). Colored engraving
War of the Communities of Castile (1520-1521). The Holy Asse
Sicilian Vespers, (1846) by Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)
Constantine Kanaris
Troops Land in Morocco
Execution of Rebel Lords
Louis Ii / Grand Conde
Wallensteins Camp
Hungary / 1849 / Guyon
Cuba / Rebel Ambush
Lord Edward Fitzgerald 3
Lord Edward Fitzgerald 2
Easter Rising / Liberty Hq
Constantine Kanaris and his wife Despina

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