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Priestess Gallery

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Iphigenia in Tauris
The Pyhthoness
Great Queens of the Past No 1 - Nefertiti
Parthenon. Part of the central section of the east frieze. B
Minoan Art. La Parisienne or the Minoan Lady
Minoan Art. The Hagia Triada Sarcophagus. Painted with scene
Minoan Art. Crete. The younger snake goddess, from the palac
Kudurru (stele) of King Marduk-zakir-shumi (852-828 BC). An
Miko, Shinto temple maidens, Japan
Egyptian gods and goddesses
Statue of public priestess and matron of
Costumes of Egyptian priests and priestesses of Isis
Bacchic rite
Bacchic rite
Giulia Grisi in the role of Adalgisa
Priestesses of the goddess Vesta. Colored engraving
Priestesses of the goddess Vesta
Stele about priestess Takerseb. 332-30 BC. Limestone. Egypt
Robed head of a priestess of the goddess Athena. Pergamon
Head of a priestess of the goddess Vesta. 100-20 AD
Madama Lucrezia roman bust
Cinerary urn with reliefs depicting Heracles (Hercules) begi
Funerary monument. Tomb of Rabiri. Relief of priestess of I
Drusus Meets Priestess
Vestal Virgins, priestesses of Vesta, conducting
Two Roman Vestal Virgins, priestesses of Vesta
Two Roman men wearing the dalmatic (tunic)
Egyptian woman with sistrum and simpulum
Turkish-style bonnet with diadems and high-priestess bonnet
Spirit of Cyprian Priestess
Dressing scene of a priestess. Roman art. Early
Nikko priestess - Japan
Cleobis and Bito drawing their mother to the Temple
Scandinavian Pagans
Carthage Priestess Dance
Bernhardt / Iseyl 1903
Salammbo / Praying
Institution of the Vestal Virgins in Ancient Rome
Egyptian Mummy in the British Museum, London - Katebet
Ancient Greek costume
Ancient Egyptian costume
Egyptian Mummy in British Museum, London - Djedameniufankh
Religion / Druids
Racial / Mexicans C1500

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