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Powder Gallery

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Poster advertising Sunlight Soap
Porthgain lime workings, Pembrokeshire, West Wales
Advert / Schiaparelli 1938
French lady getting ready to go out in her boudoir
International baking powder. Manufactured by Queen City Chem
Du Pont smokeless shotgun powder - the standard of the world
Powder Monkey by David Wright
Advertisement for Keatings Powder
London Trade Card - William Bull, Musical Instruments
Advertisement, Morny Paris perfume
1902 Coronation Birds Custard Powder advertisement
Frys Cocoa advertisement by John Hassall
Vim advertising insert
Distinctions with a Difference at Gleneagles
Cephos cold and flu powder advertisement
Boots advertisement WW1 - comforts for the trenches
Christmas arrangement of holly, flowers and bell
Lady at dressing table - WWI postcard by George Ranstead
Borwicks Prize Medal Knife Powder
Cat Flea Powder
Advert / Vivadou Powder
Glymiel Jelly - Nobody in OUR family suffers from chapped hands
Yvette Guilbert music hall singer 1865-1944
Pounding Rice using large pestle and mortar - Chennai, India
Droste Drinking Chocolate Tin - Haarlem, The Netherlands
Advertisements from The Illustrated London News, 1896
Woman Munition Worker WW1
A young woman at her dressing table
Comic Postcard - Improvements on Nature - Hair and Make-up (rouge, enamel, violet powder)
Comic postcard, Customer in department store - walk this way Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Girl and boy, nurse and baby
Comic postcard, Woman at her dressing table, improving her appearance with makeup
Comic postcard, Two women and a man at the seaside - too fresh! Date: 20th century
Advert for Sterling toilet Service from Goldsmiths
Advert for Lux, soap powder, featuring tennis wear, 1926
Advert for Lux, soap powder, featuring Miss 1926
Advert for Birds custard, 1926
Advert for Lux, soap powder, with hints for holiday
Advertisement for Brookes Monkey Brand Household Soap
Billboard advertisement - Surf Washing Powder
Perrault in Powder and Patch - Fmaous and Familiar fairy stories in their proper guise
Trades in Regency England. Carpet weaving, hog feeding
Map of Africa, 1820
Man weaving cotton on a loom, Senegambia, 18th century
Advert, Bon Ami cleaning and polishing cake and powder
The Bride, Pompeian Beauty Powder Art Panel
Advert, Powdering Her Face
Advert, Pompeian Beauty Powder

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