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Nieuport Gallery

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Nieuport 11 Bebe in low-level flight
Nieuport 11 Bebe, used by the Italian air force
Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, US pilot and ace
Lieutenant Nungesser with Nieuport biplane
Charles Eugene Jules Marie Nungesser, pilot and fighter
Nieuport 23 of French ace Charles Nungesser
French Nieuport 16 with Le Prieur rockets
French Nieuport and German Albatros in action, WW1
British RE8 biplane with French Nieuport 27, WW1
Garland-Lincoln LF-1 N12237
Garland Lincoln N.28 / Nieuport 28 10
Royal Flying Corps - Nieuport 12 A-3281
Rene Fonck with Nieuport fighter
Swiss Army Fliegerabteilung Nieuport 28 690
Nieuport 10
Nieuport 10
Types of British Aircraft -- The Nieuport Biplane
Shrimper / Coxyde, Belgium
French Nieuport 17 captured by Germans, WW1
Nungesser, Charles Eugene Jules Marie & his Nieuport 17
Nieuport 10A.2 two-seater reconnaissance plane
Nieuport 17s reassembled by US Army Signal Corps
Nieuport Ni 28 single-seat fighter
Nieuport 17s of the French N124 Escadrille Lafayette
Nieuport 17s awaiting delivery These single seat fighte
Kirsch, Georges fighter pilot and Balloon buster in N
Captain William Avery Billy Bishop, air ace
Bridges of Nieuport (Nieuwpoort), Belgium, WW1
Sluices of Nieuport (Nieuwpoort), Belgium, WW1
Section Sanitaire Anglaise 19 - Coxyde Bains, WW1
The Royal Air Force in the west by G. H. Davis
Nieuport 17 in Italian colours
Quentin Roosevelt lying beside his aircraft, France, WW1
Trenches at Nieuport, Belgium
Nieuport Monoplane, Italy, 1912
M Bregis Breguet H1-U2 seaplane sheltering at Beaulieu
Dr Gabriel Espanets Nieuport seaplane
Royal Aircraft Factory RE7 and Nieuport
Sopwith 7F1 Snipe E6955 built by Nieuport and General
Civilians fleeing Nieuport, Belgium, WW1
Nieuport plane with Lewis gun, WW1
Poster advertising the Beaches of Belgium
Defence of Egypt WWI
Italo-Turkish War - Aircraft
Photographed during the fierce German bombardment of the town: A ruined street in Nieuport
A room in a house at Nieuport after a shell had burst
Nieuport Seaplane
1914 / Nieuport Flares
Nieuport Bebe
Nieuport Bebe
World War I / Nieuport
Cyclopedia of Automobile Engineering
Handley Page 0 / 100 long range heavy bomber
Guynemer in his Nieuport

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