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Mesopotamia Gallery

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HMS Sedgefly, river gunboat, Mesopotamia, WW1
Irish soldier in a trench, Mesopotamia, WW1
Babylons lion. Lion decorated the Processional Wal (Ishtar
Bristol fighter plane in Mesopotamia, WW1
The Landing Stage at Ahvaz, Iran - WWI Xmas card
Mesopotamia. Clay Tablet. Pictographs drawn. Iraq. Late Preh
Standard of Ur.. Babylonian art
Gertrude Bell: The Uncrowned Queen of Mesopotamia
Neo-Sumerian. Statue of Gudea. Girsu, Iraq. 2120 BC. Cuneifo
Gertrude Bells Aeroplane
British troops in action against Turks near Kirkuk, WW1
British troops on the way to Baghdad, Mesopotamia, WW1
Tours to Mesopotamia (Iraq) with Thomas Cook & Son
Jude the Apostle
Wwi / 1915 / Mesopotamia
The Eanna-shum-iddina kudurru (1125-1100 B.C.). Kassite Dyna
Cuneiform tablet depicting beer allocation. 2351-2342 BC. Fr
Mesopotamian art. Assyrian Empire. Funerary objects: Necklac
Mesopotamian art. Neo-Babylonian. The Throne Room of Nebuch
Mesopotamian art. Neo-Babylonian. Ishtar Gate. Aurochs. Perg
Royal Game of Ur. Early Dynastic III Period
Statue of a winged lion with human head. Nimrud
Lamassu or Bull-man. Gate from Sargon IIs Palace. Dur-Sharr
HAMMURABI (1792-1730 BC). King of Babylonia (1798-1756
Wheel of Ur, 3500 BC. Mesopotamian art. ITALY. LOMBARDY
WW1 mascots: a gazelle in Mesopotamia
Mesopotamian Art. Alabaster flower vase shaped as a woman ho
Middle babylonian. Black diorite tablet of Nabu-apla-iddina
Mesopotamia. Michaux stone or Kudurru. Late Kassite period.1
Mesopotamia. Kudurru (stele) of Shitti-Marduk. Nebuchadnezza
Kudurru (stele) of King Marduk-zakir-shumi (852-828 BC). An
Mesopotamia. Commemorative stone stela. Babylonian, about 90
Mesopotamia. Lions head. Temple of Ninhursag, Tell al-Ubaid
Mesopotamia. Early Dynastic Period. Statue of Kurlil. From T
Mesopotamia. White calcite. Cylinder seal. From Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia. Clay foundation peg. 1st Dynasty of Lagash. 240
Obelisk of king of Assirya Adad-Nirari III (810-783 BC) insc
Statue of a Assyrian King Shalmaneser III (858-824 BC)
Mesopotamian Art. Gudea, city ruler of Lagash, Sumer. 2144-2
Ishtar Gate. 4th century BC. Babylon
Cylinder of Cyrus the Great with text written in akkadian cu
King Shamshi-Adad V
Mesopotamian art. Neo-Assyrian. Relief panels depicting two
Lamasu or Bull-man. Reliefs from Sargon IIs Palace. Dur-Sha
Baghdad in World War One
Bull (2500-2000 BC). Hittite art. Sculpture. TURKEY
Opening of the Railway by King Faisal I of Iraq
British Army in Mesopotamia, the creek at Basra, 1916

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