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Medallion Gallery

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Ottoman Empire / Map 16C
Bungay Corn Cross 1810
Tertiary period syphilis symptoms on the body
The Prague Astronomical Clock. The calendar by Czech painter
Portraits of Rogier Le Witer, Catharina Behaghel and Magdale
SIR JOHN CHEKE 1514-1557
Giotto di Bondone, Italian artist
Portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte
Medallions and mounted pieces
Prince of Wales Vase in jasper
Clock in marble and ormolu
Medallions mounted in gold and steel
Various tricolor medallions showing reliefs
Portrait medallions
Teapots with cup and saucer
Vases in various shapes
Portrait medallion of Robert William Boyle
Portrait medallion of Joseph Priestley, clergyman
Portrait medallions of Joseph Priestley (L)
Portrait medallion of the Medusa
Portraits of the Medusa, Cicero, Hecules
Portrait medallion of astronomer Sir William Herschel
Portraits of Sir William Herschel, King Ferdinand
Portraits of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Edward Bourne
Portraits of Maria, Catherine II and Princess Elizabeth
Woman in dress a la turque and high priestess bonnet, 1788
Decorative Card - Firefighter rescuing a woman
Gold Naval Reward for the defeat of the Spanish Armada
Souvenir Medal to the pioneers of Transatlantic Flight
Avintes, Portugal - Striking girl in traditional costume
WW1 - The Patron Saint of Paris watching over the town
Stylish women wearing different headgear from Edelle
Slovenian peasant woman from the village of Hosszufalu
Little girl with ball on a medallion-shaped Christmas card
Little girl and dog on a medallion-shaped Christmas card
China medallions, Tea and Coffee Sets, Plate 39
Trade card, Foster, Besse & Co, Bridgeport, USA
St. Peters Basilica. Dome built by Giacomo della Porta (154
Headstone of Giuseppe Belli (1791-1860). Italian physicist a
Italy. Milan. Church of Saint Mary of Grace
Justinian I (483-565). Mosaic
Comic Carte de Visite portraits - Persons we all Know
Schiaparelli Gown 1950S
Man / Carnaby Street 1960S
Vanbrugh - Hinton
Vanbrugh - Kneller - Chambar
French Theatre / Dorette
Diego Sarmiento / Gondomar

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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