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Concorde G-BOAA in British Airways markings
Butterfly illustration by Maria Sibylla Merian
Vickers Super VC10 G-ASGO in BOAC markings
Pistol, Welrod
Snowy Owl, by John James Audubon
Concorde in Air France markings
Hawker Siddeley HS121 Trident 3B G-AWZB in BEA markings
Concorde F-BVFA in Air France markings
Blue Jay, by John James Audubon
Poster design, Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd
WW1 - Trench map from a soldiers war diary showing the Somme Battlefield with
Print Users Yearbook -- blue budgerigars
Tropic Bird, by John James Audubon
Iris Bruno (Tall Bearded Iris)
Sea Lamprey, Lampern, and Silver Lamprey
Hawker Siddeley HS121 Trident 3B in BEA markings
Mallard ducks and ducklings
British Sopwith triplane on airfield, WW1
Gaidropsarus vulgaris, or Three-Bearded Rockling
Vickers Type 604 Viking 1 VP-YEW - Central African Airways
Giraffe on a Victorian scrap
Dog carrying basket of flowers on a birthday card
Frontispiece illustration, Peter, the fox terrier
Vickers VC10 G-ARVJ in BOAC markings taking off
The Twins by Cecil Aldin, title page
Peregrine Falcon (Morris
Raf Biplane Climbing
Woaded Briton in Coracle
Anarhichas lupus, or Atlantic Wolffish
Red-Pied Pouter Cock Pigeon
Major General Suspring Robert Rice - Royal Engineers
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle 71-0291
Two ponies with red car, Dartmoor, Devon
Dartmoor ponies at Sharp Tor, Devon
Chinese art, bird on a branch with butterflies and flowers
Sketch of a hound in action
Salmo fario, or Common Trout
Pholis gunnellus, or Rock Gunnel
Zeus faber, or John Dory
Scomber scombrus, or Atlantic Mackerel
Serranus cabrilla, or Comber
Pigeons - A Portrait of Three Magies, German Toy Breed
Pigeons - A Red Helmet, Black Lahore and Yellow Spot
Pigeons - Varieties of Ice Pigeons, Fancy Breed
Yellow-Pied Pouter Cock Pigeon
Martin 167 Maryland -was used by both Vichy French
Greetings card in the shape of an owl
Victorian scrap, cats head

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