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Lucas Gallery

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Robert Stephenson / Lucas
Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach
Some Stalwarts of the Greyhound Racing World by Autori
SNCF poster, Lourdes
Tatler front cover, June 1960
Vichy - Source Lucas spring at the spa
Green-veined white, small white, mountain
An Incident in the Attack on Bomarsund, Crimean War, 21 June 1854
Blue underwing, red underwing and dark crimson underwing
Old World swallowtail and southern swallowtail
Christ and the Adulteress by Lucas Cranach the Elder
The 1958 Season - Palace presentation outfits
The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle from his own short story
British High society personalities at the Ascot Races, 1927
Cover of Eve Magazine 28 January 1925, featuring
Photograph of Lucas Arms, Stepney, London
11th Armoured Division exercise, Yorkshire Moors, WW2
Butterfly collectors tools
Light crimson underwing, old lady, drinker and yellow-tail
Giant emperor moth, Saturnia pyri
Small emperor moth and tau emperor
Buff-tip, poplar lappet and lappet moth
Brown tiger moth, cream-spot tiger, ruby tiger
Tiger moth, garden tiger and hebe tiger
Scarlet tiger, clouded buff, wood tiger
Lime hawkmoth, eyed hawkmoth, and poplar hawkmoth
Deaths Head hawkmoth and oak hawkmoth
Convolvulus hawkmoth and privet hawkmoth
Bedstraw, elephant and pine hawkmoths
Vine hawkmoth, Mediterranean hawkmoth
Hawkmoth varieties
Seathorn hawk-moth, dusky hawkmoth and spurge hawkmoth
Oleander hawkmoth and hummingbird moth
Satyrus arachne, Satyrus evias, spring ringlet
Scotch argus, large ringlet, autumn ringlet and Arran brown
Blind ringlet, almond-eyed ringlet, Piedmont
Marbled white butterflies
Meadow brown, eudore variety, ringlet and speckled wood
Woodland brown, large brown wall and wall butterfly
Black satyr, Norse grayling and grayling female
Dryad, striped grayling and great sooty satyr
Great banded grayling, hermit and eastern
Southern festoon, Spanish festoon, false apollo
Cardinal butterfly, Argynnis pandora
Silver-washed fritillary and Niobe fritillary
High brown fritillary, dark green fritillary
Fritillary butterfly varieties

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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