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Handed Collection (#2)

Background imageHanded Collection: Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller
SAMUEL WOOD - miller who had to operate his mill single- handed on account of how he lost the other one in an unfortunate accident, as depicted. Date: CIRCA 1737

Background imageHanded Collection: A Pfalz DXII handed over to the allies in France

A Pfalz DXII handed over to the allies in France under the Armistice terms and flown from France to Hawkinge, Folkstone

Background imageHanded Collection: A RAF Short SC-5 Belfast CMk1 XR369 Spartacus takes-off

A RAF Short SC-5 Belfast CMk1 XR369 Spartacus takes-off
A RAF Short SC-5 Belfast CMk1, XR369, Spartacus, takes-off from the island of Gan in the Indian Ocean for the last time. The airfield was handed over to the Republic of Maldives on 29 March 1976

Background imageHanded Collection: Maldivians wave goodbye for the last time

Maldivians wave goodbye for the last time as a RAF Short SC-5 Belfast, XR369, Spartacus, prepares to leave from the island of Gan in the Indian Ocean

Background imageHanded Collection: Busycon contrarium, lightening whelk

Busycon contrarium, lightening whelk
Fossilised specimen of the Pilocene gastropod, originating from Florida, USA, 5 million years ago. The lightening whelk has a long siphonal canal

Background imageHanded Collection: Saving a baby from flooded building, South Wales

Saving a baby from flooded building, South Wales
A baby is handed to safety after houses were swept away when heavy rains hit the Aberdare area of South Wales. circa 1911

Background imageHanded Collection: Javanese Movie Stars

Javanese Movie Stars
Javansese girls making talkies of some of the traditional tribal plays which have been handed down from generation to generation; Java, Indonesia. Date: 1930s

Background imageHanded Collection: Jameson Raid / Captured

Jameson Raid / Captured
THE JAMESON RAID - Dr Jameson and his party fail to trigger an Uitlander rising in the Transvaal : captured at Doornkop, they are handed over to the British authorities 2 January 1896

Background imageHanded Collection: Christmas Party, 1868

Christmas Party, 1868
Only a small tree but lots of presents for the children being handed out from the tree Date: 1868

Background imageHanded Collection: Englands test match victory: Verity and Bowes

Englands test match victory: Verity and Bowes
The hero of Englands victorious match: Verity(right), the Yorkshire slow left handed bowler, who took 15 wickets for 104, with Bowes, who took 4 wickets

Background imageHanded Collection: Victoria Cross, The New Order of Valour

Victoria Cross, The New Order of Valour
Special colour supplement from the ILN, June 1857 to commemorate the introduction of the Victoria Cross, a new order of valour first bestowed by Queen Victoria upon Crimean War veterans

Background imageHanded Collection: Turks Take Larissa

Turks Take Larissa
During the war with Turkey, the Greeks are driven from Larissa : but at the end of the war it will be handed back to them

Background imageHanded Collection: German ambassador leaving London

German ambassador leaving London
Photograph of Prince Charles Max Lichnowsky, German ambassador to Great Britain since 1912, shortly after the war was officially declared by Great Britain on August 4th 1914

Background imageHanded Collection: Prussian Dragoons leaving Berlin; Franco-Prussian war, 1870

Prussian Dragoons leaving Berlin; Franco-Prussian war, 1870
Illustration showing a crowded railway scene with Prussian Dragoons leaving Berlin for the front at Mayence, 1870. Refreshments were handed round by women wearing cross armbands

Background imageHanded Collection: John Gunn - Cricketer

John Gunn - Cricketer
John R Gunn - Nottinghamshire and England cricketer. Toured Australia with the English side under A C MacLaren in 1901-2

Background imageHanded Collection: J Darling - Cricketer

J Darling - Cricketer
Joe Darling - Captain of the Australian Test side. Averaged 41 against England in the touring side of 1899

Background imageHanded Collection: Middlesex Vs. Notts 1892

Middlesex Vs. Notts 1892
Cricket match at Lords between Middlesex and Nottinghamshire. Batsman Shrewsbury is seen being caught at mid wicket by Phillips

Background imageHanded Collection: Masdrid Meeting

Masdrid Meeting
Resistance to Isabelas heavy- handed rule - to say nothing of her notorious private life - is fomented by political meetings calling the citizens of Madrid to decisive action

Background imageHanded Collection: Christmas Party, 1885

Christmas Party, 1885
A family party, with presents being handed out from the tree

Background imageHanded Collection: Moscow Propaganda

Moscow Propaganda
Revolutionary leaflets and newspapers are handed out to the people of Moscow

Background imageHanded Collection: The Five Members

The Five Members
THE FIVE MEMBERS Charles enters Parliament and demands the five members he accuses of treason; this high handed action (which is refused) precipitates the war

Background imageHanded Collection: Russian Gun Captured

Russian Gun Captured
Captain Bell single-handed captures a Russian gun and brings it back to camp in a horse-drawn wagon

Background imageHanded Collection: Christian Vii / Danish Roy

Christian Vii / Danish Roy
CHRISTIAN VII King of Denmark and Norway (1766-1808) - became insane and handed over control to Crown Prince Frederick (Frederick VI)

Background imageHanded Collection: Stockport Workhouse Riot

Stockport Workhouse Riot
The workhouse at Stockport, Lancashire, is attacked; bread is handed out to the rioters

Background imageHanded Collection: Family Breakfast 1885

Family Breakfast 1885
Presently her husband came into the room and she handed him the letter ; a typical Victorian husband examines a letter at the breakfast table

Background imageHanded Collection: The Cup that Cheers

The Cup that Cheers
A British officer wears a curiously aggressive expression as he is handed a cup of tea by a native servant - or is it apprehension, that it may not be made properly ?

Background imageHanded Collection: Scouts / Handshake 20C

Scouts / Handshake 20C
Two scouts doing a special left-handed handshake

Background imageHanded Collection: Poacher Caught

Poacher Caught
A poacher is caught red-handed by a gentleman and his gamekeeper : soon he will hang, or perhaps be transported to Australia for the rest of his days

Background imageHanded Collection: Dyer (Series)

Dyer (Series)
Le teinturier - DYER - caught red-handed at his vat

Background imageHanded Collection: Stettin Bread Riots

Stettin Bread Riots
A riot by the populace in Stettin at the price of bread - loaves are handed out of the bakery window while the police attempt to restore order

Background imageHanded Collection: Captain Joshua Slocum

Captain Joshua Slocum
Captain JOSHUA SLOCUM, Canadian/American sailor who 1895-1896 was the first person to sail single-handed round the world in the Spray which he rebuilt for the purpose

Background imageHanded Collection: SPRAY AT GIBRALTAR

The boat which Joshua Slocum rebuilt and sailed single- handed round the world, at Gibraltar

Background imageHanded Collection: Fawkes Caught in Time

Fawkes Caught in Time
Guy Fawkes is caught red- handed in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament

Background imageHanded Collection: Folklore / Wolf-Charmer

Folklore / Wolf-Charmer
LE MENEUR DE LOUPS (= Wolf-charmer) of Berry, central France - a power handed down from father to son in certain families

Background imageHanded Collection: Gordon / Dava / Sudan / 1876

Gordon / Dava / Sudan / 1876
GENERAL CHARLES GORDON British military Governor General of the Sudan approaching the city of Dava on a camel in 1876

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