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Demonstrate Gallery

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The Womens League of Health & Beauty exercise classes, 1938
Fox Sisters & Table
Foucault Demo, 1851
GLC-LFB Centenary Royal Review at Lambeth HQ
Whippet Race Start
Early fax technology in Paris, France
Ballet / Ally Sloper 1890
Astronomical Umbrella
John Logie Baird - demonstrates the first Television
Foucault Pendulum, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, USA
Aliki Diplarakos, known as Miss Europe, reviving
When the tango is banned in Germany, Halle police get ballet master Crugeri to demonstrate
A test rocket used to demonstrate the parachute recover?
Max Factor make up booklet with Hollywood stars
Meeting held on May 1890 in Barcelona. The civil governor gr
Window Cleaning Girls
Anti-Apartheid Handbill
The Black Bottom
Military Style 1790
Communists Attacked
Cigar makers demonstraion in Havana
Promo postcard to demonstrate Hood 3-colour block printing
Speakers Corner
Russian Soldiers demonstrate in Petrograd
Blitz in London -- demonstrating deluge set, WW2
Great Food Demonstration on Embankment, London, WW1
Fire prevention training for student nurses
Cricket the right and wrong way of batting
British soldier demonstrates gun to American troops, WW1
Prunella Stack maniuplating Herbert Barkers legs, 1939
Firefighters demonstrating the use of slide poles
Malta Demo Pro Italy
Girl on Climbing Frame
Irish Mother & Girls
H R Poplawski (Martin) Roland Beamont Joe Brink (Martin)
Otto Von Guericke / Worlds
Lt Col Orde Lees about to hit the water after diving hea?
Lt Col Orde Lees being dragged through the water after d?
Lt Col Orde Lees diving head first from Tower Bridge to ?
Traditional Hairdressing in Nepal
A Breguet Br76 Deux Ponts
Two de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2s
Unemployed workers demonstrate along London streets
LCC-LFB fireboat Massey Shaw demonstrates pumping
NFS (London Region) dispatch riders display team, WW2
French Students Demo
Ballet Couple
Ballet Couple

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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