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The Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen; Second World War, 1945
Ottoman Empire / Map 16C
Coldstreamers in a Great charge by the guards on the Somme
the General Locomotive
British soldiers with tank in trench, Ribecourt, France, WW1
Shrunken Head - Brazil
Captain Charles Upham
HMS Implacable, 1920
German Railway gun captured at the Battle of Amiens - WW1
Kaiser Wilhelm II presenting medals, Warsaw, WW1
The Man who Threw a Snowball at St. Moritz
Prison Hulks
Prison Hulks
Monmouths Rebellion
American Paratrooper near St. Mere Eglise; Second World War
WW1 - German anti-British propaganda postcard
Greens Motors charabanc outing, Haverfordwest, South Wales
The Old Man and the Sea
Inuit Seal Hunting (4 / 5)
Otto Kretschmer
HMS Implacable at Devonport, 1926
Battle of Pollilur (1 / 4)
Joshua Barney
Joshua Barney
Cetewayo (Cetshwayo), King of the Zulus, in captivity
Battle of Blenheim
Royal Aircraft Factory FE 8 single-seat fighter plane
Churchill captured during the Boer War
French Liner Normandie leaving Le Havre, May 1935
Sitting Bulls Hat, 1897
Kenya / Mombasa 1875
Tsushima (Schon - 5
Thuggee Chief 1843
Examing German Prisoner
Antiochus III of Syria returns Scipios captured son
British Soldiers escort German Prisoners - WWI
Caractacus Exhibited
Brest-Litovsk buildings burn
Illustration of FW190 Fighter; Second World War, 1942
The French Liner Normandie, February 1935
Admiral Kolchak
Pope Pius VI (Dupin)
Whale Caught in Thames
Captured German Tank
George V Visits Dug-Out
Walker at Trujillo
Napoleon and Shark
Captured Thuggees
Russo-Japanese War - Propaganda - The Caged Russian Bear

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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