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Artillerymen Gallery

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Siege of Duras 1377
British Artillerymen
Italian artillery retreat
Gunners prepared to face the gas 1916
A momentary rest with Belgian artillerymen 1914
British artillerymen carrying shells, Western Front, WW1
Japanese artillerymen
British artillerymen sorting shells, Western Front, WW1
Lighting the fuse of a battery of four crapouillots 1915
On the Somme Battlefield, with the French 1916
Winter in the British Lines on the Somme 1917
Heavy fighting during the battle for Pinwe, Burma
French Set up Field Gun
Russo-Japanese War - tussle over the map
Russo-Japanese War - Howitzers disguised by Wooden Screens
Russo-Japanese War - Japanese Artillery in action - Hilltop
Russo-Japanese War - Bringing up shells for the field guns
WWI - Balkan Front - Fortified artillery post
Bulgarian Artillery
German gunners hauling 21cm mortar howitzer, WW1
German artillerymen checking weapons, WW1
New Zealand gunners loading ammunition, France, WW1
Loading Shells - New Zealand Troops in France
British gun hospital in Flanders, WW1
British artillerymen advancing, Western Front, WW1
British artillerymen of the RFA in Africa, WW1
Artillerymen in the snow with shells, WW1
British and French soldiers, Bas Maisnil, France, WW1
Painting of British officers and artillerymen, WW1
British artillerymen outside a dugout, Western Front, WW1
British artillerymen in a wood, Western Front, WW1
Turkish Gun Battery - Dardanelles
A Senegalese Village built by French artillerymen behind the fighting line
British Artillerymen with a large shell; First World War, 19
Firing French Mortar
French Set up 155 Gun
CANNON, 1450
CANNON, 1450
Cavalry Action 1914
British Military Recruitment Poster, WW1
British Military Poster, WW1

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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