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Armada Gallery

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Spanish Armada - Golden Lion attacks Santa Ana
Drake Plays Bowls
The Last of the Spanish Armada
Spanish Armada
Drake Plays Bowls 1588
Scene with ships during the Spanish Armada
Resolution of Council of War for pursuit of Spanish Armada
Ark Royal - Elizabethan Naval ship
Armada / Warning Beacons
Spanish Armada Defeated
Armada Beacons 1588
Marshal Italo Balbo (1896-1940) in America in 1933
The Battle of Dunkirk, 1659, by Willem van de Velde I1611-16
Vessels of the Spanish Armada wrecked on the rocky Irish west coast after being driven
The Battle of Dover (Battle of Sandwich), 24 August 1217
Queen Elizabeth I addressing her troops at Tilbury, Essex
Cessna 550 Citation II U.20-1
The Custom House, the Press Gang and the Tower of London
Spanish Armada setting sail for England
The Armada Jewel
William the Conquerors fleet of battleships, 11th century
Queen Elizabeth I of England at Tilbury, 1588
Engagement of British Fleet and Spanish Armada
Admiral knighting brave soldiers - Spanish Armada
Gold Naval Reward for the defeat of the Spanish Armada
Sir Francis Drake, The Spanish Armada is in Sight
Battle of Navarino. 20 October 1827. Greek War of Independen
Alonso Perez de Guman, 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia (1550-1615
Juan Jose Martinez y Espinosa (1804-1875). Spanish Navy. Por
The Battle of Terheide, 1657, by Willem van de Velde I1611-1
Pascual Cervera Topete (1839-1909). Engraving. Colored
Sir Edward Fenton
Francis Drake Bowling
Ist Earl of Clare
Thomas, 1st Earl Exeter
Events / War / Anglo-Spanish
Armada / English Attack
Memorial to Sir Francis Drake, Plymouth Hoe, Devon
Queen Elizabeth at Tilbury
Ranges of naval artillery by G. H. Davis
Lord Howard of Effingham on the quarterdeck of the Ark Royal
Battle between the English Fleet and Spanish Armada, 1588
The Invincible Armada. Map of Robert Adams. Engraving
GARTNER DE LA PEс, Jos頨1866 - 1918). Destruction
VROOM, Hendrick-Cornelisz (1566-1640). The Invincible
Detail of map No
Armada Galleon
Elizabethan Warship, 1588

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