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The Sahara Desert
Lupine or Lupinus species
Egyp. Aswan. Elephantine Island. Landscape
Egypt. Dendera. Temple of Hathor. Mud wall portion surroundi
Turkey. Cappadocia. Pasabaglari. Monks Valley. Fairy chimne
Syria. Overview of the Syrian Desert. Near Palmyra. Near Ea
Egypt. Landscape around Saqqara
Turkey. Pasabag Valley with Fairy Chimneys (hoodoo). Cappado
Egypt. Oasis
Egypt. Oasis
The Valley of the Queens. Egypt
Valley of the Kings. Egypt
Spain - Moorish Mills, Cordoba
Over-dried soil with cristallized salt on its surface
Old Mining Town near Luderitz called Ghost Town
Village Arba - in sand dunes of Central Karakum desert
Cracked soil in a desert near Kum-Dag
Ouled Nails Woman in Covered Camel Palanquin
A camel palanquin (covered litter)
Six million year old fossiliferous rocks
River gorge, Pakistan
Camelus sp. camel
Track to Arabias interior
6 million year old fossiliferous sandstones
Arabian wadi
Arabian wadi
Arabian desert
Abu Dhabi desert
The Great Alachua Savanah in the province of East Florida
Benton - California
Israeli Shepherd
Israeli Shepherds
Peru-Columbia War
Jordan / Petra Nabatean
Algeria - Camel Transport
Lorries in the Thar Desert, India
Fantasy house with white cat
Building of the Aswan Dam, Egypt
Temple of Ramses III. First pylon with reliefs depicting bat
Egypt - A typical uninhabited oasis on a salt water

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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