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Arctic Gallery

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Map / Arctic Circle 1895
Erebus and Terror, Franklins last trip
Map / Arctic Circle C1880
Captain Francis Crozier of HMS Terror, 1845
Franklins expedition seeking Northwest Passage
Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio, 1595, by Gerardus Merc
M Keyte Perry and Samoyeds
The End of Sir John Franklins Arctic Expedition, 1845
Arctic Fox searches for food, sniffing lemmings
The Greely Arctic Expedition at its farthest point North, 18
The Enterprise and Investigator surrounded by ice, Barro
Ross / Winter Camp / Felix
Balaena mysticetus, bowhead whale
Spitzbergen, Norway
Sculpture of a Polar Bear by Francois Pompon
Poster, The Midnight Sun Airway, DNL
Old Sami Man from Finnmark County, Norway
Nicolaus Copernicus (14731543) Astronomer. Orbes Celeste
Captain Sir John Franklin (1786-1847)
William Scoresby
Domestic female Reindeer with newborn calf
The steam-ship Roosevelt departing for the Arctic, 1908
Wellman Arctic Airship
Geo. Washington De Long
Sir James Clark Ross
Polar Sky with Bears
Crufts Dog Show - dogs and owners
Eskimos Build Igloo 3
Salvelinus alpinus, or Arctic Char
Arctic tundra in spring - an aerial view from a helicopter
Snowy Owl - Eye - juvenile - a fledgling
COLLARED LEMMING - x 2 in winter feed on dwarf willow
Desolation at sea-port Dikson, Arctic Russia
RUSSIA - Arctic tundra, melting snows, tundra of
Callisto, daughter of Lycaon, was beloved by Jupiter, who placed her among the stars as the Great Bear
Bearded seal, Erignathus barbatus
A stuffed and mounted Polar Bear at Somerleyton Hall near Lowerstoft
Young Eskimo (Inuit) girl with a captured Arctic Hare
The Modern Boy front cover - Nelson polar bear attack
Henry Hudson (1565-1611) abandoned by his crew. Engraving. C
Boy and girl in a fantasy boat on a Christmas card
Inuit people outside McClintocks hut
Rescue of McClure during Arctic expedition
Salvelinus alpinus alpinus, or Alpine Char
Wooden fishing hook on palm of a Siberian shaman /
Red-breasted Goose - female by nest with 5 eggs
Snow melts in arctic tundra spring. Aerial view
Arctic Poppy flowering in tundra near Dikson

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