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Anti Gallery

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Rolex precision watches 1937
Anti-Mau Mau poster, caricature of a Mau Mau rebel, 1952
Polish anti-war poster -- Nie
Greek Anti-Turkish Propaganda Postcard (1 of 2)
Anti home Rule Postcard
H H Sheikh of Kuwait Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Metropolitan Police officers, Battle of Cable Street
Longest Day at Stonehenge, Wiltshire
German Armoured Vehicles; Second World War, 1944
RAF Bombers over Berlin; Second World War, 1943
British Infantry and Tanks, Reichswald; World War Two, 1945
American Troops landing on D-Day; Second World War, 1944
Dockyard Workers on board HMS Coventry, Second World War
Anti Fruit Throwing Sign
The crew of a German submarine - First World War
Cable Street demonstration 1936
Winston Churchill and his daughter unite for the war effort
Pitt and Wilberforce
Late Arrivals by H. M. Bateman
Winston Churchil visiting gun sites, England, 1944
Customs inspection with X-rays, World War I
Cartoon, Triumph of De-Jenner-Action 1898
WW2 Poster -- Women of Britain Come Forward Now
Anti-Suffrage Votes for Women Never
WW1 - German anti-British propaganda postcard
Anti-Flu Masks
Anti-Demon Prayer
British terriorials charging at Loos
Sir Edward Carson signing against Irish Home Rule
Jews Gathered at Kiev
Queen Mary Ocean Liner, at Southampton
Rome / Colosseum 1855
Front page, Youth Against the Bomb, CND newspaper
Anti-Catholic graffiti, Belfast, Northern Ireland
British six-pounder gun by G. H. Davis
The Junkers Ju87G-1
Imam Shamil
Imam Shamil
Fishing Waders
Motorcycle Machine Gun Unit firing at aircraft, WW1
RAF Bombers breaching the Mohne Dam; Second World War, 1943
Anti Fireworks Poster
Anti-Communist Card
Cartoon, Disraeli Measuring the British Lion
Covenanting women: signing the anti-Home-rule pledge
Cathars Maltreat Enemies
Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, Russian naval commander
Churchill and family visits anti-flying bomb defences, 1944
Industrial School for Girls, Maryhill, Glasgow

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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