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19 Jan 2016

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colin sherborne/ad silvikrin hair products
Advertisement for Silvikrin hair products
market hill workhouse maldon
Market Hill and former workhouse, Maldon
colin sherborne/ad crane petite boilers
Advertisement for Crane petite boilers
birmingham middlemore homes emigration party
Birmingham Middlemore Homes Emigration Party
waifs strays society pyrford st nicholas
Waifs and Strays Society Pyrford St Nicholas
waifs strays society lincoln boot polishing
Waifs and Strays Society Lincoln - Boot polishing
waifs strays society leeds st chads price list
Waifs and Strays Society Leeds St Chad's Price List
bisley farm school no 2 ground floor plan
Bisley Farm School No. 2 Ground-floor Plan
barnardos ever open door southampton
Barnardo's 'Ever Open Door', Southampton
london slums feathers court drury lane
London Slums - Feathers' Court, Drury Lane
pre romanesque art spain galicia church san
Pre-Romanesque Art. Spain. Galicia. Church of San Gines in F
austria vienna st charless church baroque
Austria. Vienna. St. Charles's Church. Baroque. 19th century
richard strauss 1854 1949 german composer late
Richard Strauss (1854-1949). German composer of the late Rom
ricardo bellver 1845 1924 spanish sculptor
Ricardo Bellver (1845-1924). Spanish sculptor. 19th century
antonio canova 1757 1822 italian neoclassical
Antonio Canova (1757-1822). Italian neoclassical sculptor. 1
frech revolution 1787 1799 louis xvi forced adopt
Frech Revolution 1787-1799. Louis XVI forced to adopt the Co
lena 1899 sardanas dancing cobla village s
Lena (1899). Sardana's dancing with the cobla in a village s
russo japanese war 1904 1905 column japanese
Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Column of Japanese soldiers
berenguer ramon ii taking city tarragona
Berenguer Ramon II taking the city of Tarragona, Catalonia
voltaire 1694 1778
Voltaire (1694-1778)
francisco domingo marques 1842 1920 spanish
Francisco Domingo Marques (1842-1920). Spanish painter
maria fortuny 1838 1874 catalan painter
Maria Fortuny (1838-1874). Catalan painter
wilhelm von kaulbach 1805 1874 german painter
Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805-1874). German painter
manuel dominguez sanchez 1840 1906 spanish
Manuel Dominguez Sanchez (1840-1906). Spanish painter and en
peter von cornelius 1784 1867 german painter
Peter von Cornelius (1784-1867). German painter. 19th centur
louis joseph conde 1736 1818
Louis Joseph of Conde (1736-1818)
francisco pradilla ortiz 1848 1921 spanish
Francisco Pradilla Ortiz (1848-1921). Spanish painter
josep oriol mestres i esplugas 1815 1895
Josep Oriol Mestres i Esplugas (1815-1895). Spanish architec
vicente palmaroli gonzalez 1834 1896 spanish
Vicente Palmaroli Gonzalez (1834-1896). Spanish painter
metamorphoses 2 8 ad book i creation battle
Metamorphoses 2-8 AD. Book I. Creation, Battle of the Giants
sallust 86 35 bc jugurthine war
Sallust (86-35 BC). Jugurthine War
henry iii black 1017 1056
Henry III the Black (1017-1056)
puerto rico san juan palace quartermaster
Puerto Rico. San Juan. Palace quartermaster
axel oxenstierna 1583 1654 count sodermore
Axel Oxenstierna (1583-1654). Count of Sodermore. Swedish st
divorce ballarin 1877
Divorce. by Ballarin, 1877
france liberal revolution 1848 national assembly
France. Liberal Revolution, 1848. National Assembly invaded
battle navarino 20 october 1827 greek war
Battle of Navarino. 20 October 1827. Greek War of Independen
maria i 1734 1816 queen portugal brazil
Maria I (1734-1816) Queen of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves
maximilien sebastien foy 1775 1825
Maximilien Sebastien Foy (1775-1825)
ancient jama coaque culture northern coast
The Ancient Jama-Coaque Culture. Northern coast of Ecuador
quimbay civilization colombia 500 1500
Quimbay civilization (Colombia). 500-1500. Beaded necklaces
pre columbian artpre incan chimu culture 1100 1470
Pre-Columbian art.Pre-Incan. Chimu culture (1100-1470). Coas
pre incan tolita culture 500 500 ad ceramic
Pre-Incan. Tolita Culture (500-500 AD). Ceramic figure. From
pre columbian art pre inca mummy 65 x 18 cm
Pre-Columbian art. Pre-Inca mummy (65 x 18 cm)
valley mexico culture ceramic vessel decorated
Valley of Mexico culture. Ceramic vessel decorated - incised
pre incan cuasmal culture 500 1500 ad ecuador
Pre-Incan. Cuasmal Culture (500-1500 AD). From Ecuador. Cera
western mexico colima culture clay figurine
Western Mexico. Colima culture. Clay figurine. It depicts a
mesoamerican ceramic vessel geometric decoration
Mesoamerican. Ceramic vessel. Geometric decoration
quimbay civilization colombia anthropomorphic
Quimbay civilization (Colombia). Anthropomorphic figure
pre columbian art mesoamerica western mexico coast
Pre-Columbian art. Mesoamerica. Western Mexico coast. Nayari
pre incan guangala culture300 200 700 800 dc
Pre-Incan. Guangala Culture.300/200 a 700/800 DC. Ceramic ve
tamalameque culture 200 600 16th century
Tamalameque culture (200-600 / 16th century). Clay anthropom
jama coaque culture northern coast ecuador
Jama-Coaque Culture. Northern coast of Ecuador. 500 BC-500 A
pre incan cashaloma culture 500 1532 d
Pre-Incan. Cashaloma Culture. 500-1532 d.C. Anthropomorphic
pre incan cashaloma culture anthropomorphic
Pre-Incan. Cashaloma Culture. Anthropomorphic ceramic vessel
pre columbian art valdivia culture ecuador
Pre-Columbian art. Valdivia culture. Ecuador. 3500 BC-1800 B
bahia culture mahia ecuador anthropomorphic
Bahia Culture (Mahia, Ecuador). Anthropomorphic figure
pre incan puruha culture 1300 1500 anthropomorphic
Pre-Incan. Puruha Culture. 1300-1500. Anthropomorphic cerami
pre incan jama coaque culture 500 bc 1531 ad
Pre-Incan. Jama-Coaque Culture. 500 BC-1531 AD. From Ecuador
pre incan mantena culture 500 1500 ad ecuador
Pre-Incan. Mantena Culture. 500-1500 AD. From Ecuador
pre columbian art pre incan moche culture
Pre-Columbian art. Pre-Incan. Moche culture. Northern Peru
pre columbian art pre incan negative carchi culture
Pre-Columbian art. Pre-Incan. Negative Carchi culture. 850-1
pre columbian art pre incan tumaco tolita culture
Pre-Columbian art. Pre-Incan. Tumaco-Tolita culture. Ceramic
bahia culture mahia ecuador figure sitting
Bahia Culture (Mahia, Ecuador). Figure sitting cross-legged
ancient jama coaque culture ecuador male figure
The Ancient Jama-Coaque Culture. Ecuador. Male figure. Priva
handshake grave stele pentelic marble piraeu
Handshake. Grave stele. Pentelic marble. Found in the Piraeu
corinthian capital acanthus leaves volute
Corinthian capital with acanthus leaves and volute. Pergamon
italy sardinia nuragic civilization amphora
Italy. Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Amphora. 8th century
italy sardinia nuragic civilization ceramic jug
Italy. Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Ceramic jug. 8th cent
italy sardinia nuragic civilization ceramic lamp
Italy. Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Ceramic lamp. 8th cen
italy sardinia nuragic civilization ceramic
Italy. Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Ceramic vase with geo
sardinia nuragic civilization matrix used fusion
Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Matrix used in the fusion of
italy sardinia nuraghe monument 1200 500 bc
Italy. Sardinia. Nuraghe monument (1200-500 BC). From Barumi
italy sardinia nuragic civilization hero figurine
Italy. Sardinia. Nuragic civilization. Hero figurine with tw
italy campania cumae acropolis greek temple
Italy. Campania. Cumae. Acropolis. The Greek temple of Apoll
italy paestum doric temple hera 450 bc
Italy. Paestum. Doric temple of Hera from about 450 BC
corinthian capital acanthus leaves garden topkapi
Corinthian capital with acanthus leaves. Garden of Topkapi P
barnardos receiving home pacific avenue winnipeg
Barnardo's Receiving Home, Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada
gordon ward majestys hospital barnardos home
Gordon Ward, Her Majesty's Hospital, Barnardo's Home, Stepne
barnardos agra house home incurables tunbridge
Barnardo's Agra House Home for 'Incurables', Tunbridge Wells
medical examination barnardos home stepney causeway
Medical Examination, Barnardo's Home, Stepney Causeway, Lond
besford court college worcestershire psychological
Besford Court College, Worcestershire - Psychological Testin
roof majestys hospital barnardos home stepney
Roof of Her Majesty's Hospital, Barnardo's Home, Stepney Cau
cripples football team barnardos stepney causeway
'Cripples' Football Team, Barnardo's Stepney Causeway, Londo
brushmaking barnardos home stepney causeway
Brushmaking, Barnardo's Home, Stepney Causeway, London
silo asturias died 783
Silo of Asturias (died 783)
bermudo ii 956999 called gouty king galicia
Bermudo II (956999), called the Gouty. King of Galicia
pelagius 685 737 visigothic nobleman
Pelagius (685-737). Visigothic nobleman
sancho iv castile 1258 1295 king castille
Sancho IV of Castile (1258-1295). King of Castille, Leon
wamba died 687 king visigoths
Wamba (died 687). King of the Visigoths
egica ergica egicca 610 701 703 visigoth king
Egica, Ergica or Egicca (610-701/703). Visigoth King of Hisp
chindasuinth 563 653 visigothic king
Chindasuinth (563-653). Visigothic King
tulga living 642 visigothic king hispania
Tulga (living 642). Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania
chintila 639 640 visigothic king
Chintila (639-640). Visigothic King
sisenand sisinand 605 636 visigothic king
Sisenand or Sisinand (605-636). Visigothic King
sisebut visigothic king hispania septimania
Sisebut - Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania and Galici
gundemar visigothic king hispania septimania
Gundemar. Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania and Galici
liuva ii 583 603 visigothic king hispania
Liuva II (583-603). Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania
theudigisel king visigoths hispania septimani
Theudigisel. King of the Visigoths in Hispania and Septimani


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