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14 Oct 2015

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sikh golden temple amritsar india circa 1890
Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar, India, circa 1890
view nice france circa 1890s
View of Nice, France, circa 1890s
statue sir william peel eden gardens calcutta
Statue of Sir William Peel, Eden Gardens, Calcutta, India
fishing boats barrels harbour wick scotland
Fishing boats and barrels in the harbour at Wick, Scotland
feeding pigeons venice italy circa 1900
Feeding pigeons, Venice, Italy circa 1900
temple venus baiae near naples italy circa
The temple of Venus at Baiae, near Naples, Italy, circa 1880
brousse bursa turkey circa 1890
Brousse, Bursa, Turkey, circa 1890
man extensive tattoos japan circa 1890
Man with extensive tattoos, Japan, circa 1890
kendo fencing japan circa 1880s
Kendo, fencing, Japan, circa 1880s
market centre warsaw poland circa 1890s
Market in the centre of Warsaw, Poland, circa 1890s
san juan puerto rico west indies sea wall
San Juan, Puerto Rico, West Indies, from the sea wall, circa
snowy scene tientsin tianjin china circa 1880s
Snowy scene, Tientsin (Tianjin) China, circa 1880s
market place bethlehem palestine israel circa
Market Place at Bethlehem Palestine (Israel) circa 1890
tamil girl ceylon sri lanka circa 1890
Tamil girl, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) circa 1890
japense samurai actor clock japan circa 1880s
Japense samurai (actor) with a clock, Japan, circa 1880s
material store japan circa 1880s
Material store, Japan, circa 1880s
winnowing rice japan circa 1880s
Winnowing rice, Japan, circa 1880s
festival military parade china circa 1890s
Festival or military parade, China, circa 1890s
geisha parasol japan circa 1880s
Geisha with parasol, Japan, circa 1880s
young child mother nurse parasol japan circa
Young child with mother/nurse and parasol, Japan, circa 1890
bathing swimming india circa 1890
Bathing, swimming, India, circa 1890
mining workers face south africa circa 1888
Mining - workers at the face, South Africa, circa 1888
game hunters south africa circa 1888 robert
Game hunters, South Africa, circa 1888 (Robert Harris studio
street rickshaws native quarter shanghai china
Street with rickshaws in the native quarter, Shanghai, China
game hunters catch south africa circa 1888
Game hunters with their catch, South Africa, circa 1888
vegetable seller japan circa 1890
Vegetable seller, Japan, circa 1890
traffic bund shanghai china circa 1890
Traffic along The Bund, Shanghai, China, circa 1890
tomb rachel palestine west bank circa 1890
Tomb of Rachel, Palestine, (West Bank) circa 1890
dome rock temple mount jerusalem circa 1890
Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, circa 1890
zulu tribesmen south africa circa 1888 robert
Zulu tribesmen, South Africa, circa 1888 (Robert Harris stud
woman parasol japan circa 1880s
Woman with a parasol, Japan, circa 1880s
geisha playing samisen japan circa 1890
Geisha playing a samisen, Japan, circa 1890
pyramids giza egypt circa 1900 tourist group
Pyramids at Giza, Egypt, circa 1900 - Tourist group on donke
dancing girls musicians india circa 1880s
Dancing girls and musicians, India, circa 1880s
geishas rickshaw japan circa 1890
Geishas and a rickshaw, Japan, circa 1890
astor house shanghai china circa 1890
Astor House, Shanghai, China, circa 1890
view bosphorous constantinople istanbul turkey
View across the Bosphorous, Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey
house st veronica jerusalem palestine israel
The house of St Veronica, Jerusalem, Palestine (Israel)
picking shellfish close shore japan circa 1890
Picking shellfish close to the shore, Japan, circa 1890
street market peking beijing china circa 1890s
Street market, Peking (Beijing), China circa 1890s
religious pilgrims musical instruments japan
Religious pilgrims with musical instruments, Japan circa 188
ferreira gold mining company transvaal south
Ferreira Gold Mining Company, Transvaal, South Africa
jaffa palestine view house simon tanner
Jaffa, Palestine - View from house of Simon the Tanner
busy street scene colombo ceylon sri lanka
Busy street scene, Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) circa 1890
harvesting rice japan circa 1880s
Harvesting rice, Japan, circa 1880s
waterfront boats rumelihisari turkey circa 1890
Waterfront and boats at Rumelihisari, Turkey, circa 1890
elephant work burma myanmar circa 1890 klier
Elephant at work, Burma (Myanmar) circa 1890 (Klier studio)
mining crown st barberton transvaal south africa
Mining - Crown St Barberton, Transvaal, South Africa, circa
ships shimonoseki japan circa 1880s
Ships at Shimonoseki, Japan, circa 1880s
bridge osaka japan circa 1890
Bridge, Osaka, Japan, circa 1890
street jaipur jeypore india circa 1890
Street in Jaipur, Jeypore, India, circa 1890
mining scene transvaal south africa circa 1888
Mining scene in the Transvaal, South Africa, circa 1888
rickshaws porters central hotel shanghai china
Rickshaws and porters, Central Hotel, Shanghai, China circa
steet scene crowd baodeng china circa 1890
Steet scene and crowd, Baodeng, China, circa 1890
street constantinople istanbul turkey c1880s
Street in Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey c1880s
jerusalem circa 1870s
Jerusalem, circa 1870s
monkey durga temple benares varanasi india
Monkey (Durga) Temple, Benares (Varanasi) India, circa 1890
composite image babies children japan circa
Composite image of babies and children, Japan, circa 1890
street shops selling clothes material japan
Street of shops selling clothes and material, Japan, circa 1
children swimming dejima nagasaki japan circa
Children swimming, Dejima, Nagasaki, Japan, circa 1890
mining exchange barberton south africa circa
Mining - The Exchange, Barberton, South Africa, circa 1888
wagon team little hell elandsburg transvaal
Wagon team, Little Hell, Elandsburg, Transvaal, South Africa
grahamstown gold mining company south africa
Grahamstown gold mining Company, South Africa, circa 1888
witwatersrand gold mining company south africa
Witwatersrand Gold Mining Company, South Africa, circa 1888
cattle morning market johannesburg south africa
Cattle at the morning market, Johannesburg South Africa
zulu family south africa circa 1888 robert
Zulu family, South Africa, circa 1888 (Robert Harris studio)
zulu chiefs south africa circa 1888 robert
Zulu chiefs, South Africa, circa 1888 (Robert Harris studio)
church stree pietermaritzburg south africa
Church Stree, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, circa 1888stud
west street durban south africa circa 1888
West Street, Durban, South Africa, circa 1888
winding gear kimberley mine south africa circa
Winding gear, Kimberley Mine, South Africa, circa 1888studio
washing gear bultfontein diamond mine south
Washing gear, Bultfontein diamond mine, South Africa
catt the bend vaal river south africa circa 188
Catt the The Bend on the Vaal River, South Africa, circa 188
sorting weighing diamonds kimberley south africa
Sorting and weighing diamonds, Kimberley, South Africa
queens hotel kimberley south africa circa 1888
Queens Hotel, Kimberley, South Africa, circa 1888
looking river ganges benares varanasi india
Looking across the river Ganges at Benares, (Varanasi) India
kimberley south africa circa 1888 mining
Kimberley, South Africa, circa 1888 - Mining
cart country road ceylon sri lanka circa 1890
Cart on a country road, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) circa 1890
babatul temple amritsar india circa 1890
The Babatul temple, Amritsar, India, circa 1890
beggar rags india circa 1880s
Beggar in rags, India, circa 1880s
bedouin woman egypt circa 1910
Bedouin woman, Egypt, circa 1910
veiled woman cairo egypt circa 1910
Veiled woman, Cairo, Egypt, circa 1910
washing river ganges benares varanasi india
Washing in the river Ganges, Benares, (Varanasi) India circa
procession elephants india circa 1880s
Procession with elephants, India, circa 1880s
princes horse ornate saddlery indi circa 1890
Prince's horse with ornate saddlery, Indi, circa 1890
burma myanmar circa 1890 burmese paddy boat
Burma (Myanmar) circa 1890 - Burmese paddy boat
shop fronts chinese quarter shanghai china
Shop fronts in the Chinese quarter, Shanghai, China, circa 1
near peking beijing china circa 1890
Near Peking (Beijing), China, circa 1890
garden bridge shanghai china circa 1890
The Garden Bridge, Shanghai, China, circa 1890
view bund ships harbour shanghai ch
View along the Bund, with ships in the harbour, Shanghai, Ch
arch trajan benevento near naples itlay circa
The Arch of Trajan, Benevento, near Naples, Itlay, circa 187
collyer quay singapore circa 1890
Collyer Quay, Singapore, circa 1890
bubbling well shanghai china circa 1890s
The Bubbling Well, Shanghai, China, circa 1890s
chinese quarter shanghai china circa 1890
Chinese quarter, Shanghai, China, circa 1890
city walls peking beijing china circa 1900
The city walls, Peking (Beijing), China, circa 1900
boats harbour singapore circa 1880s
Boats in the harbour, Singapore, circa 1880s
gateway nanking nanjing china circa 1890
Gateway, Nanking (Nanjing) China, circa 1890
egyptian dancer egypt circa 1910
Egyptian Dancer, Egypt, circa 1910
egyptian girl cigarette egypt circa 1910
Egyptian girl with cigarette, Egypt, circa 1910
ghats ganges benares varanasi india circa 1
The ghats on the Ganges at Benares (Varanasi) India, circa 1


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