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Images Dated 17th April 2013

Choose from 2,473 pictures in our Images Dated 17th April 2013 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Narcissus tazetta, tazetta daffodil Featured 17 Apr 2013 Image

Narcissus tazetta, tazetta daffodil

Painting by Pierre Joseph Redoute (1759-1840), from his publication Choix des plus belles fleurs (The Most Beautiful Flowers), c. 1827-33. Illustration entitled Narcisse a plusieurs fleurs

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Amaryllidaceae, Angiosperm, Angiospermae, Asparagales, Botanical, Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs, Daffodil, Drawing, Flora, Flower, Flowering Plant, Flowers, Illustration, Long, Magnoliophyta, Monocot, Monocotyledon, Narcissus, Narcissus Tazetta, Orange, Painting, Pierre Joseph Redouté, Plant, Redoute, Tazetta, Tazetta Daffodil, The Most Beautiful Flowers, Yellow

Encephalartos horridus, Eastern Cape blue cycad Featured 17 Apr 2013 Image

Encephalartos horridus, Eastern Cape blue cycad

A watercolour illustration of the Eastern Cape blue cycad (Encephalartos horridus), native to South Africa. Original artwork part of the James Yates (1789-1871) collection presented by the Linnean Society, 1914

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

1789 1871, 19th Century, Africa, African, Blue, Botanical, Cape, Cone, Cycad, Cycadales, Cycadophyta, Cycadopsida, Eastern, Eastern Cape Blue Cycad, Encephalartos, Encephalartos Horridus, England, Europe, Great Britain, Gymnosperm, Highgate, House, Illustration, James, James Yates, Lauderdale, London, Nineteenth Century, Plant, South Africa, Victorian

Ornithosuchus Featured 17 Apr 2013 Image


An illustration by Neave Parker of the Ornithosuchus, a thecodont, an extinct bipedal reptile closedly related to the dinosaur. It lived around 185 million years ago. Fossils have been found in Northern Scotland

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

1910 1961, 20th Century, Animal, Animals, Archosaur, Archosauria, Archosauriformes, Archosauromorpha, Bipedal, Diapsid, Diapsida, Neave, Neave Parker, Ornithosuchidae, Ornithosuchus, Parker, Reptile, Reptiles, Reptilia, Sauropsid, Sauropsida