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Images Dated 2nd March 2012

Choose from 103 pictures in our Images Dated 2nd March 2012 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

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Rejected by the inventions board Featured 2 Mar 2012 Print

Rejected by the inventions board

"Rejected by the inventions board. VII -The Gallipoli Shell-Diverter for returning the Enemy's Fire" There were other theatres of war besides he Western Front, and after the disastrous landings at Gallipoli off the Dardanelles strait, the soldiers were force to dig trenches there too. Blistering heat in the summer led to disease, and dysentery killed more men than did bullets. Heath Robinson remembered the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli in his "Rejected by the Inventions Board" series, although this time his contraptions are scattering Turkish soldiers wearing fez hats, rather than Germans in their Pickelhaube helmets. Date: 1916

© Courtesy of the estate of Mrs J.C.Robinson/Pollinger Ltd/ILN/Mary Evans Picture Library

Copy of Etruscan wall painting. Tomb of the Shields. c. 350 Featured 2 Mar 2012 Print

Copy of Etruscan wall painting. Tomb of the Shields. c. 350

Etruscan Art. Copy of Etruscan wall painting. Tempera on canvas 1900. Tomb of the Shields. Tarquinia, Italy c. 350 BC. Velhur Velcha and his wife, Ravnthu Aprthnei. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Denmark

© Thaliastock / Mary Evans

4th, Age, Alphabet, Ancient, Antique, Antiquity, Aprthnei, Art, Banquet, Bc, Century, Civilizacion, Civilization, Clothing, Copy, Couple, Daily, Eat, Eating, Etruria, Etruscan, Etruscans, Europe, Family, Fashion, Flautist, Flute, Flutist, Food, Fresco, Frescoes, Funerary, Grave, Harp, Instrument, Italian, Italy, Life, Lyre, Marriage, Married, Matrimony, Mural, Music, Musical, Musician, Musicians, Painting, Pillow, Ravnthu, Reclined, Reclining

Bust identified as C. Julius Caesar or Cornelius Sulla. Perh Featured 2 Mar 2012 Print

Bust identified as C. Julius Caesar or Cornelius Sulla. Perh

Bust identified as C. Julius Caesar (102/100-44 B.C) or as the dictador L. Cornelius Sulla (C. 138-78 B.C.). Perhaps rather an unknown Roman of the Republic. 1st century A.D. Marble. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Copenhagen. Denmark

© Thaliastock / Mary Evans

1st, Age, Ancient, Antiquity, Art, Bc, Bust, Caesar, Carlsberg, Century, Civilization, Copenhagen, Cornelius, Denmark, Dictador, Empire, Europe, Gaius, Glyptotek, Historical, History, Italy, Julius, Lucius, Man, Marble, Museum, Ny, Policy, Political, Portrait, Profile, Republic, Republican, Roman, Romans, Sculpture, Statue, Sulla