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Images Dated 30th August 2012

Choose from 110 pictures in our Images Dated 30th August 2012 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

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The Throne of Muhammed/Tahti Muhammet in the Meydan in Haji Featured 30 Aug 2012 Image

The Throne of Muhammed/Tahti Muhammet in the Meydan in Haji

A small throne of three steps, originally holding twelve or more candles. Among these candles, in front of them was a tall candle with a top shaped like a the crown of the Bektashi dervish. With four sections at the bottom, standing for the four gateways; twelve pleats above running to the centre of the top, standing for the twelve imams, the twelve springs that sprang from Moses staff in the desert, the twelve disciples of Jesus and a button at the centre of the top, standing for Reality itself. This tall candle had three small wicks coming out from its sides standing for God, Muhammad and Ali. The candles on the throne represented both the Baba and Dervishes present, the twelve imams and the Bektashi Saints. The place postu of the Baba (sheikh) is to the left of the throne. Date: 2012

© Bahar Ayka篍ary Evans Picture Library

Ceiling of the Bektashi Meydan in Haji Bektash Veli Museum i Featured 30 Aug 2012 Image

Ceiling of the Bektashi Meydan in Haji Bektash Veli Museum i

"On the left of the second courtyard of the Haji Bektash Veli Museum, is the Meydan Evi bearing the earliest inscription in the complex, dated 1367. The timber roof of the Meydan Evi - where formal initiation ceremonies and acts of confession took place - has been beautifully restored, showing an ancient construction technique still in use in rural houses in central and eastern Anatolia. In this Meydan it represents the levels of the heavens. It's now an exhibition hall containing objects of significance to the order, including musical instruments and a late portrait of Haji Bektash. apparently deep in mystical reverie, with a hart in his lap and a lion by his side. In the Meydan there are twelve posts and the Taht-i Muhammad. The exact center of the Meydan is called "dar" (place of execution). " Date: 2012

© Bahar Ayka篍ary Evans Picture Library

The second door of Balim Sultan Tomb Featured 30 Aug 2012 Image

The second door of Balim Sultan Tomb

"The second door of Balim Sultan's Tomb in Haji Bektash Veli Museum in Nevsehit Turkey. Balim Sultan is known amongst the Bektashi as the second founder of the order (Turkish Pir Thani). The present-day initiation service of a Bektashi is sometimes called "The Method of Balim Sultan". The tomb which is reputed to be that of Balim Sultan has an inscription over the door which calls the one buried there Hizir Bali, the son of Resul Bali, the son of Haji Bektash of Horosan, and the date is giving as 1519. This can refer to a spiritual son not necessarily a physical son. Outside the door of the Balim Sultan Tomb, there is a black mulberry tree said to have been thrown as a burning brand from Horosan by Ahmet Yesevi, which determined where Haji Bektash was to go. It is believed that to rub the bark on any ill part of the body will cure it. The Alevi believe this tree to still be burning with a blue flame on its tip." Date: 2012

© Bahar Ayka篍ary Evans Picture Library