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26 Aug 2011

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national archives/frank sugg cricket bats
Frank Sugg cricket bats
wwi animals/officer tank corps dog motorbike france ww1
Officer of Tank Corps with dog and motorbike, France, WW1
wwi soldiers/royal engineer messenger dog france ww1
Royal Engineer with messenger dog, France, WW1
5th battalion connaught rangers basingstoke ww1
5th Battalion Connaught Rangers, Basingstoke, WW1
cameron highlanders maxim gun ww1
Cameron Highlanders with Maxim gun, WW1
finland hango
Finland - Hango
ss oberon finland steamship company
SS Oberon - Finland Steamship Company
fancy meeting george ranstead
Fancy Meeting You by George Ranstead
weak tea george ranstead
Weak Tea by George Ranstead
british soldiers trench oppy gavrelle line france
British soldiers in trench, Oppy-Gavrelle line, France, WW1
ad ninette couture london 1920s
Advert for Ninette couture (London) 1920s
wwi animals/british soldier horseback ww1
British soldier on horseback, WW1
ad ninette couture london 1920s
Advert for Ninette couture (London) 1920s
ad ninette couture london 1920s
Advert for Ninette couture (London) 1920s
ad ninette couture london 1920s
Advert for Ninette couture (London) 1920s
yacht racing venice lido
Yacht Racing before the Venice Lido
austria salzburg makartplatz
Austria - Salzburg - Makartplatz
capitol building havana cuba
Capitol Building, Havana, Cuba
djibouti east africa hairdressers
Djibouti, East Africa - Hairdressers
salzburg cathedral hohensalzburg castle
Salzburg - Cathedral and Hohensalzburg Castle
old marseille france accoules belltower
Old Marseille, France - Accoules Belltower
norwegian bridal party hardanger norway
Norwegian Bridal Party - Hardanger, Norway
argentine france pont la balme church
Argentine, France - Pont de La Balme & Church
thessaloniki greece showing old city walls
Thessaloniki, Greece - showing the old city walls
paseo marti prado havana cuba
Paseo de Marti or Prado, Havana, Cuba
djibouti women water carriers
Djibouti, Two women water carriers
paris exhibition great indian exhibition 3 3
Paris Exhibition - Great Indian Exhibition (3/3)
paris exhibition great indian exhibition 1 3
Paris Exhibition - Great Indian Exhibition (1/3)
revolution theriso insurgents malaxa
Revolution of Theriso - The insurgents at Malaxa
paris exhibition great indian exhibition 2 3
Paris Exhibition - Great Indian Exhibition (2/3)
entrance bay havana cuba
Entrance to the Bay at Havana, Cuba
cuba train havana santiago cuba
Cuba - Train between Havana and Santiago de Cuba
zakynthos greece boulevard dammos
Zakynthos, Greece - The Boulevard d'Ammos
patras greece epiphany celebrations
Patras, Greece - Epiphany Celebrations
avenida del golfo gulf avenue havana cuba
Avenida del Golfo (Gulf Avenue), Havana, Cuba
uruguay montevideo ramirez beach arena
Uruguay - Montevideo - Ramirez Beach and arena
sacred heart jesus church havana cuba
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Havana, Cuba
italian austrian border thorl
The Italian / Austrian border at Thorl
djibouti east africa avenue la republique
Djibouti, East Africa - Avenue de la Republique
marstrand castle sweden
Marstrand Castle, Sweden
pas de calais france equihen
Pas-de-Calais, France - Equihen
cuba matanzas
Cuba - Matanzas
rouen cathedral france misericord choir
Rouen Cathedral, France - Misericord in the Choir
france striking clockmakers
France - Striking Clockmakers
thessaloniki greece quayside white tower
Thessaloniki - Greece - The Quayside and White Tower
germany neue pinakothek art gallery munich
Germany - Neue Pinakothek Art Gallery, Munich
cuba yumuri valley matanzas
Cuba - Yumuri Valley, Matanzas
france carhaix delightful rural scene
France, Carhaix - Delightful rural scene
germany nurnberg bratwurstglocklein restaurant
Germany - Nurnberg - Bratwurstglocklein Restaurant
djibouti east africa young woman
Djibouti, East Africa - Young Woman
renaissance clock chartres cathedral france
Renaissance Clock at Chartres Cathedral, France
salzburg general view
Salzburg - General view
saint thegonnec eglise st thegonnec
Saint-Thegonnec - Eglise de St Thegonnec
cuba first pan american airways service
Cuba - First Pan American Airways service
uruguay montevideo 18th july avenue
Uruguay - Montevideo - 18th of July Avenue
prado havana cuba
Prado - Havana, Cuba
stone fountain loguivy lannion brittany
Stone Fountain - Loguivy-Lannion, Brittany
thessaloniki greece inauspicious house
Thessaloniki - Greece - The Inauspicious House
athens greece panorama city
Athens, Greece - Panorama of the city
dunes colomb bechar algeria
The dunes at Colomb-Bechar - Algeria
1st cameron highlanders western front ww1
1st Cameron Highlanders, Western Front, WW1
elegant woman evening dress george ranstead
Elegant woman in evening dress by George Ranstead
street fight george ranstead
Street Fight by George Ranstead
ammunition supplies donkey north africa ww1
Ammunition supplies by donkey, North Africa, WW1
british soldiers le touquet france ww1
British soldiers at Le Touquet, France, WW1
terribold tale george ranstead
A Terribold Tale by George Ranstead
british soldiers shooting wall ww1
Two British soldiers shooting from behind a wall, WW1
british soldiers combat western front ww1
British soldiers in combat on the Western Front, WW1
pretty girl world war era drawn george ranstead
Pretty Girl, World War One era, drawn by George Ranstead
canadian machine gunners colt m1895 ww1
Canadian machine gunners with a Colt M1895, WW1
misunderstanding george ranstead
A misunderstanding by George Ranstead
mascot royal welsh fusiliers ww1
Mascot of Royal Welsh Fusiliers, WW1
crocodile tears
Crocodile Tears
ladys aviation costume 1909
Lady's Aviation Costume, 1909
machine gun battalion dieval northern france
Machine Gun Battalion at Dieval, northern France, WW1
ruined trees winter ww1
Ruined trees in winter, WW1
lady mirror george ranstead
Lady and Mirror by George Ranstead
wartime courtship george ranstead
Wartime courtship by George Ranstead
scene western front ww1
Scene on the Western Front, WW1
british machine gunners battle somme ww1
Two British machine gunners, Battle of the Somme, WW1
british soldiers firing german plane ww1
British soldiers firing at a German plane, WW1
1st battalion middlesex regiment cassel france
1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment, Cassel, France, WW1
woman hat george ranstead
Woman in a hat by George Ranstead
gerald du maurier arsene lupin
Gerald du Maurier as Arsene Lupin
british soldiers combat ww1
British soldiers in combat, WW1
scottish soldiers gas masks western front ww1
Scottish soldiers in their gas masks, Western Front, WW1
gas canister battle neuve chapelle ww1
Gas canister after Battle of Neuve Chapelle, WW1
strongman george ranstead
Strongman by George Ranstead
players cigarettes ad featuring mark twain
Players cigarettes advertisement featuring Mark Twain
18th century gentleman george ranstead
18th century gentleman by George Ranstead
woman turban george ranstead
Woman in a turban by George Ranstead
british soldiers training uk ww1
British soldiers in training, UK, WW1
great advance george ranstead
The Great Advance by George Ranstead
soldiers building pontoon bridge flanders ww1
Soldiers building pontoon bridge, Flanders, WW1
english dum dum bullets margival france ww1
English dum-dum bullets found at Margival, France, WW1
british lancers france ww1
British Lancers in France, WW1
woman postcard george ranstead
Woman on a postcard by George Ranstead
fed dog george ranstead
Fed Up Dog by George Ranstead
apres la guerre george ranstead
Apres La Guerre by George Ranstead


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