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5 May 2009

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periscope fitting le target belgium
Periscope fitting - Le Target, Belgium
niver mind abut loos wwi drawing
b load got suddenly heavy i lifted
This B** load has got suddenly ** heavy since I lifted it
i wonder went i expect dud
Now I wonder where that one went to - I expect it was a dud
when fritz sends johnson over
'When Fritz sends a 'Johnson' over'
ye gods
Ye Gods
near thing
A near thing
feel like bombardment fritz
What you feel like during a Bombardment by Fritz
sunset in wwi drawing
Sunset somewhere in. WWI drawing
grave an unknown hero trenches ypres
'Grave to 'An Unknown Hero' in the Trenches - Ypres'
joys trench tramway
The joys of the trench tramway
photograph sergeant herbert gibson
Photograph of Sergeant Herbert Gibson
push german field postcard
The Push - German Field Postcard
german soldier saying pardon german field
'German soldier saying 'PARDON !' - German Field Postcard'
war post
Some war this with no post
eyes dont see etc
What the eyes don't see, etc etc
study british officer rest
A Study of a British Officer out on Rest
dont care hang style angla soldat france
'Don't care a hang style of the 'Angla Soldat' in France'
joys patrol words fail
The joys of Patrol Words fail
sniper watch let daylight thick skull
SNIPER: Watch me let daylight into that thick skull of his
7nf 386202 acting sergeant herbert gibson mm
case like
What would you do in a case like this
police swagger cane france
Our Police with a Swagger Cane Somewhere in France
skid mud france
When you skid in the mud Somewhere in France
cat family trenches wwi
A cat and her family in the Trenches - WWI
Some bath
No bon for me this
waiting shirt examined
Waiting to have his shirt examined
trail louse patrol france
On the trail with the Louse Patrol Somewhere in France
board germans reporting big victory verdun
Board put up by Germans reporting big victory at Verdun
7th nfs st georges day trenches
7th NF's St George's Day in the trenches
little grey home west
The little grey home in the West
first guard trenches
His first guard in the trenches
old cottage near headquarters rossignol nr kemel
Old Cottage, near Headquarters Rossignol, nr Kemel
7th nf aid post rossignol nr kemel
7th NF Aid Post Rossignol, nr Kemel
ypres seen railway dug outs
Ypres as seen from Railway Dug outs
revenge sweet machine gunner gets
Revenge is sweet - machine gunner gets own back
tasty bits means shrapnel proof helmet
How to get tasty bits by means of a shrapnel proof helmet
shrapnel proof helmet
The Shrapnel-proof Helmet
joys listening patrol
The joys of Listening patrol
feet feel like trying dodge shel
What your feet feel like when you are trying to dodge a shel
coming trenches home leave
Coming out of the trenches to go home on leave
bedford house grounds east ypres
Bedford House from the grounds East of Ypres
fritz puts machine gun dump
When Fritz puts a machine gun on the Dump
whiz bang best luck
WHIZ BANG Up with the best of Luck
zellebeke lake moonlight
Zellebeke Lake (Moonlight)
plenty cold bon
Plenty cold, no bon
study expression stew xmas dinner
Study of Expression - Stew for our Xmas Dinner
ration wagon going trenches
A Ration Wagon going up to the Trenches
ciss hockey stick pictured card caption
Ciss, with hockey stick, pictured on card No caption
letter home flanders
The letter home Somewhere in Flanders
help stuck mud flanders
Help !!! Stuck in the mud of Flanders
belgian soldier
Belgian Soldier
after hockey match what does matter won
'After the hockey match - 'What does it matter, we won'''
swank win match
The Swank - when you win a match
when team beat well let win
'When your team get beat 'Well we let you win ''
belgian artilleryman
Belgian Artilleryman
ciss gets excited ciss hockey stick pictured
Ciss gets excited (Ciss, with hockey stick, pictured on ca
artillery driver france
Artillery driver Somewhere in France
old belgian soldier working road repairs
Old Belgian soldier working on Road Repairs
lille coat arms
LILLE Coat of Arms
armentieres coat arms
revanche france
Revanche ! France
bailleul coat arms
BAILLEUL Coat of Arms
ramc badge union jack red cross flag
RAMC badge with Union Jack and Red Cross Flag
dec 3 france
Dec 3 Somewhere in France
french light cavalryman france
French Light Cavalryman Somewhere in France
observation balloon watching effects shell fire
Observation Balloon watching the effects of Shell fire
french dragoon cuirassier france
French Dragoon (Cuirassier) Somewhere in France
french infantryman france
French Infantryman Somewhere in France
canadian officer france
A Canadian Officer Somewhere in France
cooking field kitchen
Cooking as you go - Field kitchen on the move
trooper royal canadian dragoons
A Trooper of the Royal Canadian Dragoons
ill lift dud bust
I'll lift - this - dud - up - or - or - bust
theres place compare little dug out
There's no place can compare with our little dug-out'
the dare devils canadian scottish
'The 'Dare Devils ' The Canadian Scottish'
french souaves france
French Souaves Somewhere in France
teddy bear france
This is NOT a teddy bear Somewhere in France
capt shield france
Capt Shield Somewhere in France
sights france
Sights you see Somewhere in France
mud mud plenty rain france
Mud, Mud and plenty of Rain Somewhere in France
make sure getting good souvenir shell nose
How to make sure of getting a good souvenir Shell Nose
the rage france
'The 'Rage' - Somewhere in France'
muds france
All the Mud's in France
soldiers dream real blighty
The soldier's dream - a Real Blighty
best field ambulance 2nd army
The best Field Ambulance in the 2nd Army
dreams pot pie france
Dreams of Pot Pie Somewhere in France
another pill kaiser briton offensive
'Another pill for Kaiser Bill - 'Briton on the offensive '
winter winds blow france
When the winter winds do blow Somewhere in France
estaminet france
At the estaminet Somewhere in France
pack souvenirs
When you get full pack on and souvenirs
dream past large glass beer
A dream of the past - A large glass of beer
leave whats france
Leave !!! What's that ' Somewhere in France
number yell mail
Number One - when they yell, the mail is in
number mail
Number Two - when there is nothing in the mail for you
mascot spot guarding equipment great coats
Our Mascot, Spot, guarding equipment and great coats
entrance 3 cls bailleul
Entrance of No 3 CLS, Bailleul
cocky scot study misery
Cocky Scot - a Study in Misery


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