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8 Jul 2004

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ottawatamie okemos kinne boo native american
Ottawatamie Okemos Kinne-boo, Native American Indian Chief
sitting bulls hat 1897
Sitting Bull's Hat, 1897
hells gate canyon fraser river 1882
Hell's Gate Canyon, Fraser River, 1882
native american indian women pawnee tribe c1873
Native American Indian women of the Pawnee Tribe, c.1873
general ulysses s grant 1822 1885
General Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)
gathering cree indians c1870
A gathering of Cree Indians, c.1870
fort lafayette new york harbour 1865
Fort Lafayette, New York Harbour, 1865
native american indians large canoe c1862
Native American Indians in a large canoe, c.1862
blockade runner lillian american civil war
The blockade runner 'Lillian'; American Civil War, 1864
victoria vancouver island 1882
Victoria, Vancouver Island, 1882
stouts gulch williams creek british columbia
Stout's Gulch, Williams' Creek, British Columbia, 1882
james buchanan welcoming native american indians
James Buchanan welcoming native American Indians into the Wh
hms sutlej hms devastation attacking indian
HMS 'Sutlej' and HMS 'Devastation' attacking an Indian villa
cowboys guarding ranch c1887
Two Cowboys guarding their ranch, c.1887
mr mountpassin tuscarora american indian chief
Mr. Mountpassin, Tuscarora American Indian Chief
apache native american indians attacking ranch c
Apache native American Indians attacking a ranch, c.1887
pow wow black feet crossing september 1881
The 'Pow-Wow' at Black Feet Crossing, September 1881
troops chasing apache indians arizona 1887
US Troops chasing Apache Indians; Arizona, 1887
apache native american indians c1887
Apache native American Indians, c.1887
native american indian encampment fraser river
Native American Indian Encampment by the Fraser River, 1882
capture jefferson davis american civil war 1865
The capture of Jefferson Davis; American Civil War, 1865
arizona ranger 1887
An Arizona Ranger, 1887
american indians flag truce vancouver island 18
American Indians under a flag of truce, Vancouver Island, 18
kah ge ga gah bowh ojibbeway chief dury lane
Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bowh, the Ojibbeway Chief at Dury Lane Theatre
ojibway indians c1870
Ojibway Indians, c.1870
conference kaw indians united states governm
The Conference of Kaw Indians with the United States Governm
american indians esquimaux harbour flying
American Indians. Esquimaux Harbour (Flying Squadron)
native american indian woman child vancouver island
Native American Indian woman and child, Vancouver Island, 18
native american indian girl conical head 1863
Native American Indian Girl with conical head, 1863
native american indian chiefs grave san juan island
Native American Indian Chief's Grave, San Juan Island, 1882
tuscarora indian village school
Tuscarora Indian village School
tuscarora indian village hut
Tuscarora Indian village hut
noco shimatt tash tanaki chief seminole c1858
Noco-shimatt-tash-tanaki, Chief of the Seminole, c.1858
president jefferson davis bidding farewell escort
President Jefferson Davis bidding farewell to his escort, 18
inauguration jefferson davis president 1861
Inauguration of Jefferson Davis as President, 1861
grand review union army washington 1865
Grand Review of the Union Army, Washington, 1865
native american indian encampment near fraser river
Native American Indian Encampment near the Fraser River, 188
yuma native american indians c1858
Yuma native American Indians, c.1858
chippewa indian chiefs montreal 1849
Three Chippewa Indian chiefs at Montreal, 1849
pawnee indians camp
Pawnee Indians around a camp fire
american indians north american indian sports
American Indians. North American Indian sports
victoria vancouver island c1863
Victoria, Vancouver Island, c.1863
cavalry pack mules arizona 1887
US Cavalry Pack Mules; Arizona, 1887
women pimo tribe 1858
Women of the Pimo Tribe, 1858
new westminster british columbia 1882
New Westminster, British Columbia, 1882
border united states british columbia c
The Border between the United States and British Columbia, c
native american indian lodge nanaimo 1882
Native American Indian Lodge, Nanaimo, 1882
elmira prison camp new york 1865
Elmira Prison Camp, New York, 1865
primeval forest burrards inlet british columbia
The Primeval Forest at Burrard's Inlet, British Columbia, 18
women papagos tribe native american indians 1858
Women of the Papagos Tribe of Native American Indians, 1858
cavalry trooper arizona 1887
US Cavalry Trooper, Arizona, 1887
warrior native american indian tribe lipan c18
Warrior of the native American Indian Tribe, the Lipan, c.18
chiefs house tuscarora indian village
The Chief's House, Tuscarora Indian Village
veterans war 1812 new york 1865
Veterans of the War of 1812; New York, 1865
native american indian village british columbia
Native American Indian Village, British Columbia, 1882
diegeno indians travelling west usa c185
Diegeno Indians travelling across the West of the USA, c.185
ottawa 1857
Ottawa, 1857
native american indian totem poles british columbia
Native American Indian Totem Poles, British Columbia, 1882
jefferson davis 1808 1889
Jefferson Davis (1808-1889)
sioux native american indian chiefs outside buckingham
Sioux native American Indian Chiefs outside Buckingham Palac
wagon road chapmans bar bluff british columbia
The wagon road at Chapman's Bar Bluff, British Columbia, 188
army scouts arizona 1887
US Army Scouts; Arizona, 1887
general james ewell brown stuart 1833 1864
General James Ewell Brown Stuart (1833-1864)
civil war america view richmond capital v
The Civil war in America; view of Richmond, the capital of V
american civil war scene american house represent
American Civil war. Scene in the American House of represent
fort fisher cape fear american civil war 1864
Fort Fisher, Cape Fear; American Civil War, 1864
civil war america stampede bull run
The Civil War in America. The stampede from Bull Run
panorama charleston 1863
Panorama of Charleston, 1863
war america battle chicamauga
The war in America. Battle of Chicamauga
civil war america confederate ships battle
The civil war in America. Confederate ships in battle
civil war america confederate scouts
The Civil war in America. Confederate scouts
war america general popes division levee ca
The war in America: General Pope's division at the Levee, Ca
civil war america riots new york
The Civil War in America: Riots in New York
civil war america advanced post general blenkers
The Civil War in America, advanced post of General Blenker's
civil war america retreat federalists unioni
The Civil War in America: retreat of the Federalists (Unioni
civil war america attack confederate batterie
The civil war in America: attack on the Confederate batterie
civil war america lazy stand federal
The Civil war in America: The lazy stand made by the Federal
civil war america fairfax courthouse headquarte
The Civil War in America. Fairfax Courthouse, the headquarte
civil war america embarkation portion ar
The Civil War in America. Embarkation of a portion of the ar
blockade runner lizzie american civil war
The blockade runner 'Lizzie'; American Civil War, 1864
civil war america riots new york
The Civil War in America. The riots in New York
civil war america portraits notable confederate
The Civil War in America. Portraits of notable Confederate o
american civil war outrage trent
The American Civil War. The outrage on the Trent
civil war america reconnaissance general sto
The Civil war in America. Reconnaissance made by General Sto
civil war america destruction confederate flo
The Civil War in America: destruction of the Confederate flo
civil war america camp hatteras inlet
The Civil War in America: Camp at Hatteras Inlet
general stuarts headquarters american civil war
General Stuart's Headquarters; American Civil War, 1864
civil war america hatteras spit wreck th
The Civil War in America: Hatteras spit with the wreck of th
civil war america portrait mr yancey commissione
The civil war in America. Portrait of Mr Yancey, commissione
civil war america gallant charge federal unionis
The Civil war in America. gallant charge of Federal (Unionis
war america night alarm federal camp
The war in America: a night alarm in the Federal camp
confederate army winter quarters rapidan american
Confederate Army Winter Quarters, Rapidan; American Civil Wa
civil war america jefferson thompsons guerillas
The Civil war in America: Jefferson Thompson's guerillas sho
battle james river american civil war 1864
Battle on the James River; American Civil War, 1864
civil war america train reinforcements gen
The Civil War in America. Train with reinforcements for Gen
civil war america general burnsides expedition
The Civil war in America: General Burnside's expedition
civil war america federals advancing abandone
The Civil War in America: Federals advancing on the abandone
american civil war confederates trapping boats
American Civil war. Confederates trapping a boat's crew of t
warrenton virginia 1863
Warrenton, Virginia, 1863


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