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30 Dec 2004

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children/little girl playing sailor doll 1888
Little Girl playing with her Sailor Doll, 1888
horn buffers cattle 1921
Horn Buffers for Cattle, 1921
burlington arcade piccadilly london 1858
Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London, 1858
barnes terrace london 1902
Barnes Terrace, London, 1902
colonel in chief russian uhlans grand duchess
Colonel-In-Chief of Russian Uhlans: The Grand Duchess Tatiana
hand grenades sling method throwing used spanish
Hand grenades, the sling-method of throwing them used by Spanish troops
prince wales serving sir john frenchs staff
The Prince of Wales, serving with Sir John French's staff as
troglodyte village mof troops field french soldiers
A troglodyte village mof troops in the field: French soldiers in their shelter trenches
king georges review prince wales driving prince
After King George's review: The Prince of Wales (driving) and Prince Alexander
sentenced death high treason nicholaus e a h
Sentenced to death for high treason: Nicholaus E. A. H. Ahlers
senegalese village built french artillerymen
A 'Senegalese Village' built by French artillerymen behind the fighting line
blue cross caring horses wounded battle
The Blue Cross caring for horses wounded in battle
vice admiral sir frederick c d sturdee
Vice Admiral Sir Frederick C. D. Sturdee
caught waterburg force colonel coen brits elusive
Caught at Waterburg by a force under Colonel Coen Brits: The 'elusive' General
advance guard russians occupying town poland
The advance guard of the Russians occupying a town in Poland
admiral graf von spee scharnhorst
Admiral Graf Von Spee, of the 'Scharnhorst.'
tending wounded horse war field operation chloroform
Tending a wounded horse in war: A field-operation, under chloroform, for the removal
drowned vaal wets fellow conspirator general
Drowned in the Vaal: De Wet's fellow conspirator, General Beyers
sailor dies sea sympathetic auction effects
When a sailor dies at sea: A 'sympathetic' auction of his effects
canadian soldiers training front mud water salisbury
Canadian soldiers training for the front, in the mud and water of Salisbury Plain
british soldiers goat skins wearing new overcoat
British soldiers in goat-skins: Wearing the new 'overcoat' issued by the War
princess marys christmas gift soldiers sailors
Princess Mary's Christmas gift to the soldiers and sailors: The lid of the brass
belgian soldiers sleep church women civilians
Belgian soldiers sleep in a church while women and civilians pray for their countr's
french heavy battery artillery duel argonne
A French heavy battery in the artillery duel in the Argonne
soldiers parade
Soldiers on parade
german flag ship sunk british near falklands
The German flag ship sunk by the British near the Falklands: The cruiser
german wounded berlin taking exercise hospital
German wounded, at Berlin, taking exercise with their hospital nurse
turkish troops listening sheikh ul islams proclamation
Turkish troops listening to the Sheikh-Ul-Islam's proclamation in Constantinople
cavalry chargers extra ammunition carriers horses
Cavalry chargers as extra ammunition carriers: The horse's bandolier
german communication trench mending underground
A German communication trench, mending an underground cable
king george v king albert reviewing belgian
King George V at the front with King Albert, reviewing Belgian troops
casino le touquet
The casino of Le Touquet
enos fruit salt ad
Eno's fruit salt advertisement
children/little girl playing dolls 1888
Little Girl Playing with her Dolls, 1888
lord roberts lying in state st pauls
Lord Robert's lying-in-state in St Paul's
blackfriars bridge london 1869
Blackfriars Bridge, London, 1869
gramme electricity machine light 1878
The Gramme Electricity Machine and Light, 1878
illustration showing eclipse moon 1932
Illustration showing the Eclipse of the Moon, 1932
wych street london c1884
Wych Street, London, c.1884
king alberts fete day royal belgian children
King Albert's Fete day: The royal Belgian children at Westmi
french model cars british princesses 1938
French Model Cars for the British Princesses, 1938
remains off german motor transport convoy grouped
The remains off a German motor-transport convoy grouped round soldiers' graves
penny toy sellers holborn london 1907
Penny Toy Sellers in Holborn, London, 1907
german band march war
A German band on the march during the war
looking daring german sniper british soldiers
Looking for the daring German sniper: British soldiers engaged in locating one of
daviess portable escape blackfriars london
Davies's Portable Fire Escape, Blackfriars, London, 1849
wych street london 1870
Wych Street, London, 1870
touring germany prince wales major cadogan princes
Touring in Germany with the Prince of Wales: Major Cadogan, the Prince's Equerry
photographed fierce german bombardment town ruined
Photographed during the fierce German bombardment of the town: A ruined street in
room house nieuport shell burst
A room in a house at Nieuport after a shell had burst
prince wales presenting colours gordon highlan
The Prince of Wales presenting colours to the Gordon Highlan
motor cycle side car machine gun
A motor-cycle with a side-car machine gun
new arcade old bond street 1880
New Arcade, Old Bond Street, 1880
fight armoured car german cavalry patrol
A fight between an armoured car and a German cavalry patrol
machinery deep sea soundings 1861
Machinery for Deep-Sea Soundings, 1861
little girl playing shopping 1892
Little Girl playing at shopping, 1892
burlington house piccadilly london 1873
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, 1873
heated shoe 1921
The Heated Shoe, 1921
spectacular effects kaiser discarded fi
Spectacular effects which the Kaiser has discarded in the fi
british guns camouflaged range seeking german
British guns camouflaged from the range-seeking German airmen
resting place cousin king who kill
The last resting place of a cousin of the King, who was kill
ancient greek playing yo yo
Ancient Greek playing with his Yo-Yo
ragpickers checking dustbins bond street london
Ragpickers checking Dustbins in Bond Street, London, 1910
attack pegasus konigsberg transhippin
The attack on the 'Pegasus' by the 'Konigsberg': Transhippin
maharajah jam saheb nawanager going
The Maharajah Jam Saheb of Nawanager, before going to the front
colonel in chief russian lancers empress russia
Colonel-In-Chief of Russian Lancers: The Empress of Russia
germanys eastern stronghold suffered fate liege
Germany's eastern stronghold which suffered the fate of Liege and Antwerp
southwark street london 1865
Southwark Street, London, 1865
little girl broken doll 1888
Little Girl with her broken doll, 1888
master ortega who saved ship german cruiser
The master of the 'Ortega,' who saved his ship from a German cruiser: Captain D
rhodins patent electrolytical apparatus 1897
Rhodin's Patent Electrolytical Apparatus, 1897
hms sydney caught emden keeling cocos islandm
H.M.S Sydney, caught the 'Emden' at Keeling Cocos Islandm which resulted in
pier blackfriars bridge london 1869
Pier of Blackfriars Bridge, London, 1869
martial law egypt examining passports port said
Martial law in Egypt: Examining passports at Port Said since Turkey formally declared war
drinking fountain outside bow station london
Drinking Fountain outside Bow Station, London, 1872
widening blackfriars bridge london 1908
The Widening of Blackfriars Bridge, London, 1908
wrecked battle dunes ruins fifteenth
Wrecked in the battle of the dunes: The ruins of a fifteenth
captain karl von muller emdens captain
Captain Karl von Muller, the 'Emden's' Captain
german saw edge bayonet actual use war germ
A German saw-edge bayonet in actual use in the war: The Germ
children/little girl playing doll 1888
Little Girl playing with her doll, 1888
seventeenth century rocking horse 1930
Seventeenth-Century Rocking Horse, 1930
german machine guns temporary mountains use war
German machine guns on temporary mountains for use against war planes
trial pyroleter extinguisher river thames 18
Trial of the 'Pyroleter' Fire Extinguisher, River Thames, 18
capital west flanders damaged german shells house
The former capital of West Flanders damaged by German shells: A house wrecked next
horse powered wheel vehicle 1921
Horse-powered Four Wheel Vehicle, 1921
dummy gun batteries german ingenuity deceive
Dummy gun batteries: German ingenuity, to deceive the artillery and range-seeking
waist deep shell hole belgian street war wrecke
A waist deep shell hole in a Belgian Street: In a war wrecke
19th century yo yo
19th Century Yo-Yo
german trench mortar introduced british
A German trench-mortar, which was introduced to the British
hairdressers collar 1921
Hairdresser's Collar, 1921
goat presented king george v 7th royal welsh
The goat presented by King George V to the 7th Royal Welsh Fusiliers
old chambers middle temple lane london 1857
Old Chambers in Middle Temple Lane, London, 1857
wounded soldiers sledges skis bound together
Wounded soldiers on sledges of skis bound together: How the Russian Army can do ambulance
young belgians marching dig shelter trenches sold
Young Belgians marching to dig shelter-trenches for the sold
toy salesman farringdon street station london
Toy Salesman at Farringdon Street Station, London, 1903
construction niagara falls suspension bridge
Construction of the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, 1849
union bank london fleet street london 1857
The Union Bank of London, Fleet Street, London, 1857
arras ruined german shells damage sixteenth
Arras ruined by German shells: Damage done to the sixteenth
early 19th century yo yo
An Early 19th century Yo-Yo


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