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15 Dec 2004

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brooklyn bridge new york 1883
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1883
passengers deck emigrant ship 1849
Passengers on the deck of an Emigrant Ship, 1849
british gun aided attack german troops antwerp
A British gun which aided the attack on German troops in Antwerp
general foch
General Foch
spaniards hotel jack straws castle hampstead
Spaniard's Hotel and Jack Straw's Castle, Hampstead, 1871
cannon street london 1852
Cannon Street, London, 1852
picture no 10220655
Picture No. 10220655
shopping sales 1930
Shopping at the Sales, 1930
saloon emigrant ship storm bay biscay
The Saloon of an Emigrant Ship during a storm, Bay of Biscay
dinner board emigrant ship 1844
Dinner on board an Emigrant Ship, 1844
emigrant ship sea gale 1887
Emigrant Ship at sea in a Gale, 1887
family jewish immigrants london 1904
A Family of Jewish Immigrants, London, 1904
british customs officer immigrants london 1904
British Customs Officer with Immigrants, London, 1904
seaman ships wheel atlantic 1870
Seaman at the Ships Wheel, Atlantic, 1870
carriage train london liverpool britain 187
Carriage on the train from London to Liverpool, Britain, 187
emigrant ship off gravesend english channel
Emigrant Ship off Gravesend; English Channel, 1875
seamen casting log atlantic ocean 1870
Seamen 'casting the log', Atlantic Ocean, 1870
folding ballots new york politicians house 1872
Folding Ballots in a New York Politician's House, 1872
passengers emigrant ship britain 1869
Passengers on an Emigrant Ship, Britain, 1869
french emperor visiting french army chalons fran
The French Emperor visiting the French Army at Chalons; Fran
cross section emigrant ship bourneuf 1852
Cross-Section of the Emigrant Ship 'Bourneuf', 1852
immigrants making cigarettes lodgings london
Immigrants making cigarettes in their lodgings, London, 1904
emigrant ship leaving british quayside 1887
Emigrant Ship leaving a British Quayside, 1887
emigrants queuing berth numbers ship gravesend
Emigrants queuing for Berth Numbers on their ship, Gravesend
dining room board emigrant ship 1852
Dining Room on board an Emigrant Ship, 1852
pedaloes lake central park new york 1891
Pedaloes on the Lake in Central Park, New York, 1891
railway line brooklyn bridge new york 1883
The Railway Line across Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1883
lunch jewish shelter london 1904
Lunch in a Jewish shelter, London, 1904
immigrants british court london 1904
Two Immigrants in a British Court, London, 1904
departure irish emigrants clifden county galway
Departure of Irish Emigrants at Clifden, County Galway, 1883
jewish voter polling station london 1910
Jewish Voter at the Polling Station, London, 1910
emigrants sighting australia 1887
Emigrants sighting Australia, 1887
emigration depot birkenhead wirral 1852
Emigration Depot at Birkenhead, Wirral, 1852
wreck emigrant ship john cornwall 1855
The Wreck of the Emigrant Ship 'John', Cornwall, 1855
government inspectors office liverpool 1850
The Government Inspector's Office, Liverpool, 1850
searching stowaways board emigrant ship 1850
Searching for Stowaways on board an Emigrant Ship, 1850
taking roll emigrant ship 1850
Taking the Roll Call on an Emigrant Ship, 1850
passengers board emigrant ship artemisia 1848
Passengers on board the emigrant ship 'Artemisia', 1848
emigrant ship artemisia 1848
The Emigrant Ship 'Artemisia', 1848
emigrant ship leaving great britain 1844
An Emigrant Ship leaving Great Britain, 1844
zionist lecture east end london 1904
Zionist Lecture in the East End of London, 1904
cardboard box factory commercial road london
A Cardboard Box 'Factory' in Commercial Road, London, 1904
passengers gangway liverpool 1870
Passengers on the gangway, Liverpool, 1870
look anger c1956
Look Back in Anger, c.1956
immigrants arriving britain 1903
Immigrants arriving in Britain, 1903
skating central park new york 1865
Skating in Central Park, New York, 1865
ignorance bliss cartoon 1928
When Ignorance is Bliss Cartoon, 1928
john logie baird watching stereoscopic television
John Logie Baird watching Stereoscopic Television, 1942
german emigrant ship southampton docks great britain
German Emigrant Ship in Southampton Docks, Great Britain, 18
immigrants docks london 1904
Immigrants at the docks, London, 1904
john logie baird experimenting home 1942
John Logie Baird experimenting at home, 1942
embarkation emigrant ship liverpool 1850
Embarkation of an Emigrant Ship, Liverpool, 1850
immigrant bootmakers work london 1904
Immigrant Bootmakers at Work, London, 1904
sellers petticoat lane market london 1904
Sellers at the Petticoat Lane Market, London, 1904
departure emigrant ship lizzie webber 1852
Departure of the Emigrant Ship 'Lizzie Webber', 1852
immigrant arriving london 1904
An Immigrant arriving in London, 1904
members womens crusade surrounding whisky saloon
Members of the Women's Crusade surrounding a Whisky Saloon
passengers boarding emigrant ship queenstown
Passengers boarding an Emigrant Ship at Queenstown, Ireland
lower deck emigrant ship 1850
The Lower Deck of an Emigrant Ship, 1850
emigrant ship leaving liverpool america 1850
Emigrant Ship leaving Liverpool for America, 1850
immigrant ship nearing new york 1892
An Immigrant Ship nearing New York, 1892
tailors sweat shop east end london 1904
Tailor's Sweat Shop, East End of London, 1904
making tea deck emigrant ship 1849
Making Tea on the deck of an Emigrant Ship, 1849
refused immigrants ship london docks 1911
Refused Immigrants on a ship; London Docks, 1911
ninette valois c1930
Ninette de Valois, c.1930
pre catelan club paris 1924
The 'Pre-Catelan' Club, Paris, 1924
departure great britain liverpool 1852
Departure of the 'Great Britain' from Liverpool, 1852
aliens england immigrant problem 1904
Aliens in England: The Immigrant Problem, 1904
immigrants arriving jewish shelter london 1904
Immigrants arriving at the Jewish Shelter, London, 1904
street scene bombardment sedan franco prussia
Street Scene during the Bombardment of Sedan; Franco-Prussia
immigrants arriving tower bridge stairs london
Immigrants arriving at Tower Bridge Stairs, London, 1904
french defensive outpost near paris franco prussian
French Defensive Outpost near Paris; Franco-Prussian War, 18
emigrants enjoying fine weather deck ship 1
Emigrants enjoying fine weather on the deck of their ship, 1
barbers saloon new york 1870
Barber's Saloon, New York, 1870
boxing match mens club london 1889
Boxing Match at a Men's Club, London, 1889
sammy davis jnr c1960
Sammy Davis Jnr., c.1960
sleighing harlem new york 1873
Sleighing at Harlem, New York, 1873
cooking soup emigrant ship 1849
Cooking Soup on an Emigrant Ship, 1849
wounded french soldiers entering paris franco prussian
Wounded French Soldiers entering Paris; Franco-Prussian War
police breaking fight soho london 1911
Police breaking up a fight in Soho, London, 1911
passengers emigrant ship atlantic 1870
Passengers on an Emigrant Ship, Atlantic, 1870
immigrants arriving st katherines dock london
Immigrants arriving at St. Katherine's Dock, London, 1904
searching body paris commune 1871
Searching a body; Paris Commune, 1871
departure emigrant ship ballengeich southampton
Departure of the Emigrant Ship 'Ballengeich', Southampton, 1
dancing emigrant ship 1850
Dancing on an Emigrant Ship, 1850
london family heading epping forest whitmonday
London Family heading for Epping Forest on WhitMonday, 1893
immigrants east end london 1904
Immigrants in the East End of London, 1904
decks emigrant ship atlantic ocean 1872
Between decks on an Emigrant Ship, Atlantic Ocean, 1872
passengers boarding emigrant ship britain 1870
Passengers boarding an Emigrant Ship, Britain, 1870
french army retreating carignan franco prussian war
French Army retreating from Carignan; Franco-Prussian War, 1
general joffre
General Joffre
brooklyn bridge new york 1883
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1883
brooklyn bridge new york 1883
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1883
brooklyn bridge new york 1883
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1883