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Wont Collection

Background imageWont Collection: Little Girl playing with her Sailor Doll, 1888

Little Girl playing with her Sailor Doll, 1888
Illustration showing a little Victorian girl playing with her doll, which was dressed as a sailor. This image was originally entitled Now Geraldine Maude

Background imageWont Collection: Why won t they let the women help me?

Why won t they let the women help me?. John Bull overwhelmed by a large number of social and political issues seeks the help of women to resolve them. By Joan Harvey Drew. Date: circa 1909

Background imageWont Collection: Artists Suffrage League Poster

Artists Suffrage League Poster
A poster designed by Joan Harvey Drew for the Artists Suffrage League, captioned, Won t you let me help you John? A woman in a bonnet, Womens Suffrage printed on her skirt

Background imageWont Collection: Italian Unification

Italian Unification
Right leg in the boot at last. Garibaldi struggling to fit Vittorio Emanuele II with the boot of Italy: If it won t go on, Sire, try a little more powder

Background imageWont Collection: Suffragette Chicken Chases Cat

Suffragette Chicken Chases Cat. A fearsome chicken chases a cat away from her brood, shouting, You je st leave my chickens alone Whiskers caption reads

Background imageWont Collection: Peoples House

Peoples House. Fido the dog guards the entrance to the Peoples House - the Houses of parliament. Women with banners ask to be let in but Fido Asquith refuses, No

Background imageWont Collection: Give me a bit of your franchise cake

Give me a bit of your franchise cake.. Miss Jane Bull asks Master Johnnie Bull for a bit of his franchise cake. He declines saying It wouldn t be good for you

Background imageWont Collection: Ciss on Rose Day - WWI postcard

Ciss on Rose Day - WWI postcard
Ciss on Rose Day. Won t you buy my pretty flower. Caricature of Ciss. Includes card saying Happy Christmas with pressed leaf and ribbon (one leaf missing). Card on verso reads To Ciss

Background imageWont Collection: He won t go off his beat

He won t go off his beat. Illustration showing two concerned citizens and Joseph Pulitzer imploring Uncle Sam, dressed as a US policeman

Background imageWont Collection: The Bryan-made crown; - it won t hold water

The Bryan-made crown; - it won t hold water

Background imageWont Collection: He won t be happy till he gets it (with profuse apologies to

He won t be happy till he gets it (with profuse apologies to the Pears Soap Baby). Illustration shows a man labeled Organized Greed, possibly Chauncey M

Background imageWont Collection: It won t take

It won t take. Illustration shows William Jennings Bryan holding a large bellows labeled Bryanism, which he is using to fan the flames of a small campfire labeled Imperialism

Background imageWont Collection: The smile that won t come on

The smile that won t come on. Illustration shows President William H. Taft speaking from the back of a railroad caboose to a large crowd of skeptical mid-westerners that also includes Jonathan P

Background imageWont Collection: He won t let go

He won t let go. Illustration shows a large crow labeled Bryan perched on a branch labeled Denver Convention and holding a slip of paper labeled Nomination in its beak

Background imageWont Collection: Working Class Mp- Satire

Working Class Mp- Satire
ELEVATION (Wife of newly-elected Working-man MP): " Ow D e Do, Mrs Fuzbush? Though I ham a Lady, won t change my manners Date: 1886

Background imageWont Collection: Dog Confronted by Pig

Dog Confronted by Pig
Towser meets his match: at least the pig won t let him get his own way

Background imageWont Collection: Skirting The Difficulty

Skirting The Difficulty
I won t marry a man who can t look me straight in the eye Then wear them longer! Woman upset at the affect that her exposed legs are having. Date: 1925

Background imageWont Collection: Come on, Major, he won t bite by Merlin Enabnit

Come on, Major, he won t bite by Merlin Enabnit
Blonde pin up girl by Merlin Enabnit (1903-1979) wearing a black strapless dress with the skirt split to reveal shapely stockinged legs. By her feet is a small Pomeranian-type dog

Background imageWont Collection: Serb Soldiers Kiss Cross

Serb Soldiers Kiss Cross
Serbian soldiers kiss the Christian crucifix before invading Bulgaria. Sadly, it won t do them a spot of good, they will be soundly beaten and return home in gloom

Background imageWont Collection: The Old Man & 3 Youths

The Old Man & 3 Youths
THE OLD MAN & THREE YOUTHS Three young men question why an old man is planting saplings whose fruit he won t live to enjoy; life is uncertain, he may outlive them

Background imageWont Collection: Trafalgar Sq. Demo 1892

Trafalgar Sq. Demo 1892
Wot! Allowed to meet in Trafalgar Square on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank olidays, are we! Then we just won t go!

Background imageWont Collection: Pin-Up with Drink

Pin-Up with Drink
A pretty blonde model in a halter-neck one-piece bathing costume with cut-out back relaxes while enjoying a fruit juice. The straw will ensure her lipstick won t smudge

Background imageWont Collection: Hens Thrown in Sea

Hens Thrown in Sea
During Punic War Two Roman admiral Claudius Pulcher, when the sacred hens used for divination won t drink, has them thrown into sea : his men lose morale, lose the battle

Background imageWont Collection: Fleet Street 1746

Fleet Street 1746
Temple Bar, straddling Fleet Street, is picturesque - but for coachmen and carriers it is, literally, a bar to traffic. But it won t be moved till 1878

Background imageWont Collection: Alexander II Survives

Alexander II Survives
After surviving Solovievs attempt on his life, Alexander II rides through the streets of St Petersburg : but he won t always be so lucky

Background imageWont Collection: Quakers and Tsar

Quakers and Tsar
On the eve of war in the Crimea, a delegation of Quakers travel to St Petersburg to beg tsar Nicolas I to modify his belligerence : he won t, and war follows

Background imageWont Collection: CALANDER SAYS NO

The CALANDER (a kind of lark) knows if sick people will recover; held over the sickbed, if it turns towards the patient s/he will recover, if not (as here) s/he won t

Background imageWont Collection: Air Atlantic Crossing

Air Atlantic Crossing
Making the transatlantic crossing by air won t be so very different from doing it by sea - we ll be air-sick instead of sea-sick, but it will be just as boring

Background imageWont Collection: Evening Dress 1830

Evening Dress 1830
Two ladies, one in EVENING DRESS and her companion in a BALL DRESS hope that their dog won t do anything disastrous to their gowns... that amazing plumed hat is out of its reach

Background imageWont Collection: Lorgues / Won t Take Order

Lorgues / Won t Take Order
Columbus refuses to take orders from the Portuguese admiral

Background imageWont Collection: Edward Jenner & Patient

Edward Jenner & Patient
EDWARD JENNER In 1798 he announced that if a child is inoculated with cowpox, two months later s/he won t contract smallpox even though inoculated with it

Background imageWont Collection: Pleasant Dreams / Bell

Pleasant Dreams / Bell
Pleasant dreams and sweet repose, if you lie on your back you won t hurt your nose

Background imageWont Collection: Elsie Marley / Greenaway

Elsie Marley / Greenaway
Elsie Marley has grown so fine, she won t get up to serve the swine, but lies in bed till eight or nine, and surely she does take her time !

Background imageWont Collection: Signposts of Future

Signposts of Future
Tomorrows roads will be well signposted with illuminated overhead signs and loud- speakers so that even when travelling at speed you won t miss your way

Background imageWont Collection: Jingu and Chuai

Jingu and Chuai
The empress Jingu urges her husband, the emperor Chuai to direct his efforts to the west. He won t listen, so the gods slay him, and Jingu makes a friendly treaty with Korea

Background imageWont Collection: Clothes for Tennis

Clothes for Tennis
A girl shows her younger sister how to hold her tennis racquet : both are wearing creations from Fairyland so their mama won t be ashamed of them on the Biarritz courts

Background imageWont Collection: Pig that Won t Pay

Pig that Won t Pay
Tenniel depicts the Irish terrorist as a savage pig, armed to the teeth

Background imageWont Collection: Invalid Pilgrims

Invalid Pilgrims
Sick or disabled pilgrims are wheeled to the Grotto in invalid chairs - hopefully they won t need them on the way back !

Background imageWont Collection: Heavenly Taxes

Heavenly Taxes
CHINA Chinese bonzes burn paper money as heavenly taxes, trusting that the gods are so stupid, they won t notice the difference

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