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White Background Gallery

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Entomology Specimens
Entomological specimens of Lepidoptera
Physeter macrocephalus, Sperm whale tooth
Guy (1946-1978), a western lowland gorilla
Petaurus breviceps ariel, sugar glider
Australopithecine or Homo habilis foot (OH8) cast
Plate 17. Mantells Geology of Sussex
Andrewsarchus mongoliencis, Skull cast
Barbary lion skull
Specimen labels for Herald petrel Pterodroma, arminjoniana a
Micraster coranguinum (Leske), shepherds crown echinoid
Anarhichas lupus, wolf eel
Moreton Bay chestnut seed pod
Model of the Ilford Mammoth
Weddell seal skull, Leptonychotes weddellii
Isopod, Glyptonotus antarcticus
Starfish, Luidia scotti
Antarctic feather star, Promachocrinus kerguelensis
Idea tambusisiana, tree-nymph
Triceratops horn
Agriocharis ocellata eggs
Burhinus grallarius, skeleton Gould Collection
Eopsaltria leucura
Pitta Iris, from the Gould Collection
Xenus cinereus
Rallus phippensis
Cacatua sanguinea, from the Gould Collection
Red-capped parrot, Purpureicephalus spurius
Red eared firetail Finch, Emblema oculata
Western rosella, Platycercus icterotis
Glossina morsitans morsitans, savanna tsetse fly
Philoliche angulata, horse fly
Paeonia sp. by Clara Pope
Numida meleagris, Helmeted Guineafowl, female
Musophaga rossae, Rosss turaco, female
Motacilla flava, Western Yellow Wagtail, male
Sopwith Model VI: Intersecting mineral veins
Sopwith Model XI: Vertical intersecting veins
Sopwith Model XII: Mineral vein denudation
Sopwith Model VIII: Overcutting of strata
Sopwith Model VII: Surface denudation
Sopwith Model X: Denuded basset of strata
Sopwith Model V: Dislocations of coal strata
Sopwith Model IV: Fallacious coal indications
Sopwith Model III: Dislocation of strata
Sopwith Model I: Stratified rocks / denudation
Sopwith Model II: Coal strata nr Newcastle
Cover of Thomas Sopwiths Geological Model Set

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