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Weapons Gallery

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New British Sten gun by G. H. Davis
Sectional view of a Mills grenade, WW1
Painting by Hs Power, artillery and horses at Ypres, WW1
Three Coldstream Guards -- Crimean Braves
British 25-pounder field gun by G. H. Davis
British gunners, Battle of the Somme, WW1
Indian Smoothbore.656 in musket, Pattern 1858
The Subzeppmarinellin by Heath Robinson, WW1 cartoon
Soviet propaganda poster
WW2 poster, The British Commonwealth of Nations Together
Painting by Hs Power, War, WW1
The Battle of the Balloons
German machine gun in street, Grandpre, France, WW1
David Lloyd George visiting Newport during WW1
Margaret Murray recruiting for the Jacobites, 1745
Design and motto of the Royal Artillery -- Ubique
Coldstreamers in a Great charge by the guards on the Somme
Medieval Archer
Variety of pistols, incl Colts Deringer pistol / Peacemaker
Minerva Victorious over ignorance
Italian recruitment poster, Second World War
Battle of Poitiers in the Hundred Years War
Musket & Rifles 1800
Types of Territorials
Unusual Tanks
Unusual Tanks
Romans defeated by the Samnites
German inventions for war in the air by G. H. Davis
Gun transport exercise, Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire
Women working during the First World War
Soldiers doing target practice on a shooting range
Battle of Salamis
De Vere, Earl Oxford
Browning Machine Gun
Guns for American Boys
Making Poison Gas / 1925
British soldier bears to the firing line WWI
Ancient Roman costume
Short Rifle Diagram 1915
German propaganda poster, WW1
B.S.A. Air Rifles, Birmingham Small Arms Company
A Sixty-Five Pounder Opening Fire, by James McBey, WW1
Dinka warriors - Bor District, South Sudan (Upper Nile)
Colt Guns and Rifles
WW2 Poster -- Don t Waver, Help Wavell
Growth of the submarine by G. H. Davis
German Tiger tank by G. H. Davis
Loading a V2 Rocket
Zulu warrior on a Victorian scrap

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