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Unexpected Gallery

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by William McLaren
The Right Spirit by William Heath Robinson
Diver and Mermaid
Nun on a skateboard
Nun on a bicycle in a playground
Henry Iv / Falstaff / Rebuke
Market Reports Illustrated - Unexpected fruit supply cleared
Animals / Giraffes
Elephant and circus arriving on a New Year card
Comic postcard, Couple on the beach at night - theft of ice cream cornet Date
Engraving by Sir John Gilbert, featured in The Illustrated London News in 1932 to show
Execution by hanging of Bowyer (or Boyer), Mayor of Bodmin
Comic postcard, Woman and boy outside a pub Date: 20th century
The Unexpected Rencontre by John Gilbert
Sprouts has unexpected customers
English Electric Canberra PR.7 - PR.9 prototype WH793
People in a park with a friendly goat
The unexpected meeting
An Almanack of Old Time Sport
Notes on Etiquette - Greeted with a Kiss
Court of Serendip
Nun with a man in a pub
Nun playing on a fruit machine
White bulldog thrown into the water by a bull in a field
White bulldog thrown into the air by a bull in a field
Sicily - Ancient Quarries at Campobello
WW2 safety poster, Don t Take Risks, Take Care
Four Queens on a Jack - Four Women riding a donkey
Wet nurse feeds baby using a goat
Mobile Department Store in Cuba
Beira, Mozambique - Private tram-car system
Turkestan - One man riding a bull and two on a donkey
Le Beouf a la Mode Restaurant - 8, Rue de Valois Paris
Two scruffy street boys discuss lowering of income tax
Drunk writer refuses tract from a benevolent lady - Irony
Auguste, the First Elephant ever born in France
A Christmas Card featuring a Mosque
Nulli Secundus over Crystal Palace after meeting headwinds
Nulli Secundus moored on the running track at Crystal Palace
An unexpected challenge
Business Notes Illustrated - Receiving an Unexpected Rise
A Flimsy Excuse
Cedar Stump Residence, Oregon
Plentiful crop of Babies - Utah, United States
Camels pull harvester - Southern Russia
Balloonists at Wedding
Hypnotised Subject - 4
Automatic Pilot
An Unexpected Client
Mermaid Netted
Mother Goose illustration

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