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Tropical Gallery

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Seychelles stilt palm, Verschaffeltia splendida
Poster advertising Elder Dempster Lines
Poster advertising Royal Mail Lines to the West Indies
Twinflower, Linnaea borealis
Portolan chart, 1591. Map of the Pacific Ocean
Imperial Airways Speeding up the Empire
Tropical plant and orchid house
Jaspideum variety of Dendrobium nobile orchid
Poster advertising White Star to the West Indies
Ladies by Sea / France / Fem
Resplendent quetzal, Pharomachrus mocinno
Nile village, Great Pyramid, Egypt
Tenebrosa variety of Vanda tricolor hybrid orchid
A Cannibal Feast, Charles E Gordon Frazer
Tropical pitcher plant, Nepenthes distillatoria
Short haired paphiopedilum orchid, Paphiopedilum ciliolare
Fuchsia varieties: Fritz, Mathilde and Juliette
Red leaf palm, Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Mr Zaleskis cymbidium orchid, Cymbidium zaleskianum L Lind
Ananas comosus, pineapple
Two ladies on a balcony. Art deco
Coconut palms, Nassau, Bahamas, West Indies
Purple Mangosteen - Singapore
Cooks New Zealand Tours
Tropical Popsy by David Wright
Bottlenose dolphins - dancing underwater
Bottlenose dolphins - blowing air bubbles underwater
Bottlenose dolphin - blowing air bubble
Bottlenose dolphins - pair dancing underwater
Bottlenose DOLPHIN - two, facing, one on top of the other
Ladys purse varieties, Calceolaria arachnoidea
Golden arum or calla lily, Zantedeschia elliottiana
Alocasia longiloba foliage plant
Amaryllis cultivar, Mlle. Yvonne Linden, Hippeastrum yvonne
Pipefish, trumpetfish, tropical fish and blowfish
Guava, Brazilian pawpaw, and sapodilla
A Tuareg with his camel - French Colonial Exhibition
Triumphant variety of Cattleya trianae orchid
Laelia grandis var Tenebrosa sub-var superbiens orchid
Cattleya trianae Lind var Memoria Lindeni hybrid orchid
Red bird-of-paradise, Paradisaea rubra
Cabomba aquatica, yellow water lily native
Bottlenose dolphin - jumping out of the water
Bottlenose dolphins - group playing underwater
Bottlenose dolphin - blowing air bubbles underwater
Bottlenose Dolphins - three underwater
Bottlenose DOLPHIN - blows bubbles from blow hole
Bottlenose Dolphin - two, smiling

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