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Queen Boudica of the Iceni Tribe
Queen Boudicca inciting the Britons to revolt
Boadicea (Boudica)
Tecumseh, Native American chief of the Shawnee tribe
San Bushmen rock painting, Lesotho, Southern Africa
Boudicca with her two daughters
Roman Britain Map
Maori Chieftain, New Zealand
Anatomy / Skull / 1841
Little Bear - Chief of the Cree - Montana, USA
Shrunken Head - Brazil
Fante Soldiers serving with the British against the Ashanti
Northern Scandinavian girl
Roman Wall, Wales
Racial / Striker / Apache
Ulla Street Boot Boys. Middlesbrough 1970s
Madimba - Congo - Pipe-smoking lady
Dressing Fante Ladys hair - Sekondi, Gold Coast, Africa
Natives of the island of Formosa (Taiwan)
Dinka warriors - Bor District, South Sudan (Upper Nile)
First Nation warriors of northwestern territories - Canada
The Florida. 16th century. Timucua Indian village. Food tran
Native American Indian women of the Pawnee Tribe, c.1873
Little Turtle / Miami
Samurai with two swords, Japan
1940s East Africa - train Limuru escarpment, Kenya
Affray of rival Aboriginal tribes, three miles from Brisbane in New South Wales
Fula tribeswoman in headdress, French Sudan, West Africa
Luanda, Angola - Group of Mondombos Tribespeople, Mocamedes
Red Indian Chief, Eastbourne, Sussex
Dacian cavalry with sabre and shield, and Numidian
Skeleton of Negrillo or pigmy
Roman military standard-bearer with the aqulia
Roman one-horse chariot known as the Rheda
Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan of the Naim tribe of Oman
Madagascar - A Group of Betsileo Women
Bolivia - La Paz - Aymara Indians
Air Mail to Africa Poster
Bedouins and camels in the desert, Egypt
Sarwani Soldier
Peshawar - Pathan Tribesmen with rifles
Afridi Tribesman of the Khyber Pass, NWFP
Chad - Cupping - Indigenous medicinal practise
Jewish high priest and kneeling Jewish woman with veil
Roman racing chariots: four-horse Quadriga
The Carnival of Oruro, Bolivia
The Golliwoggs Bicycle Club - Surrounded by Cannibals
Chief Seattles Grave

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