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Tertiary Gallery

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Anoplotherium commune & gracile, Palaeotherium
Uintatherium skull
Prehistoric landscape during the Tertiary Era, Europe
Tertiary period syphilis symptoms on the body
Andrewsarchus mongoliencis, Skull cast
Amigo Ferrer, Luis ( 1854-1934). Bust
Hyracotherium or Eohippus, the dawn horse
Clypeaster altus, a fossil echinoid
Giant Brontosaurs in a freshwater lake, Jurassic
Saint Rose of Lime (1586-1617). Colored engraving
Blessed Mariana of Jesus. Spanish tertiary of the Order of M
Book of Order of cavalry, 15th century, by Ramon Llull (1235
Ramon Llull (1235-1316). Colored engraving
Book of cavalry by Ramon Llull (1235-1316)
Tertiary L scape
Prosqualodon davidi, skull cast
Landscape in Tertiary era Europe
Wild horses of the later Tertiary era, extinct
A Tertiary Igneous Dyke
Early Miocene scene in Europe
Rana pueyoi, fossil frog
Porana oeningen, fossil flower
Mexican amber
Mexican amber
Toxodon Platensis, found at Sadillo
Six million year old fossiliferous rocks
Australopithecus africanus model
Collembola entomobryidae, springtails in amber
Flying ant amber
Cockroach in Baltic amber
Ant in amber
Ant in amber
Scuttle fly in amber
Chalcid wasp in amber
Schizomid in amber
Snipe flies in amber
Scuttle fly in Dominican amber
Aphid in amber
Millipede in amber
Ichneumon wasp in amber
Stylopid in amber
Sicilian amber
Fossil shells of the Eocene Tertiary Period
Eomyctophum koraense
White River scene, late Eocene
Fossil shells of the Miocene Tertiary Period
Arsinotherium skeleton
Columber kargi
Mayfly in Baltic amber
Angiosperm leaf in Baltic amber

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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