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Terracotta Gallery

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Kadesh Treaty, 1269 BC. Egyptian-Hittite Peace Treaty. Terra
Polychromed vase. Tomb of Kha. 1400 BC. Egypt
A Korean terracotta jar / pot seller and his seated chum
Greek Art. Archaic Period. Winged goddes who tamed wild anim
Greek Art. Goddesses rearing children. Ny Carlsberg Glyptote
Etruscan painted antefix with shaped head of woman. 520-500
Antique ivory carvings and terracotta bas-relief
Ancient Roman metal and terracotta lanterns
Roman and Etruscan lamps and candlesticks
Metal stove, pot and terracotta vase
Self-portrait of John Flaxman in terracotta
Greek and Campanian clay pottery
Egyptian bas relief in terracotta from
Amphorae pots, Djerba, Tunisia
Babylon. Terracotta tiles decorated in floral motifs. Dated
Western Mexico. Colima culture. Clay figurine. It depicts a
Pre-Columbian art. Mesoamerica. Western Mexico coast. Nayari
Art pottery, Plate 82
Art pottery, Plate 75
Figure of a horse. Terracotta
Classical Veracruz culture. Mexico. Shaped incense burner ja
Mesopotamia. Terracotta vase. Probably from Umma. Iraq. Earl
Early Christian art. Roman lamp. Terracotte. Chi Rho symbol
Roman antefix. Terracotta. Goddess Diana. From Tarragona. 1s
Roman oil lamps. Terracotte. Octopus decoration. From Catalo
Late Hellenistic period. Female statuette. From Rome. Terrac
Slab of wall covering with a winged Nike. Roman. 1st c.BC-1s
Head of Medusa. Roman relief. Terracotta. 50 BC-50 AD. From
Prehistory. Bronze Age. Vessel. Bell Beaker. From Aiguafreda
Crucible. Punic art. Terracotta. From Ibiza, Balearic Island
Prehistory. Iron Age. Pot. Terracota. 7th-6th c. BC. Near Ma
Roman Art. Spain. Small cylindrical terracotta pot. Date unk
Roman art. Spain. 1st century. A.C. Vessel with handles
Iberian art. Spain. Catalonia. Oenochoe. 3rd century B.C. Si
Female head. Paphos, Cyprus
Head of a male statue. Idalion, Cyprus
Etruscan Art. Italy. Terracotta pedimental decoration in hig
Etruscan Art. Italy. Antefix as a womans head. C. 500 B.C
Females bust of votive use. Punic style. 6th century BC
Theatrical masks made in terracotta. Ukraine
Terracotta figure of young woman. Tomb in Canosa, Apulia. 30
Ancient Art. Mediterranean. Sanctuary. Images of terracotta
Etruscan Art. Italy. In honour of the ancestors. Urns-face
Etruscan votive head of a woman. Terracotta. 325-300 BC
Votive bust of a woman. Terracotta. 300-200 BC. Etruscan art
Terracotta head of a horse wearing a harness, part of a larg
Tablet of terracotta with inscription in Cypriot syllabic sc
Roman statuette of Venus holding a mirror. 2nd century AD

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