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Tapering Collection

Background imageTapering Collection: Pair of cast iron cannon on carriages

Pair of cast iron cannon on carriages
MARITIME: A pair of cast iron cannon on carriages with tapering barrels and armorial crest to the barrel. Barrels measure 38ins. long with a 6ins. diameter breech, 4ins

Background imageTapering Collection: RMS Titanic - signet ring recovered by CS Mackay-Bennett

RMS Titanic - signet ring recovered by CS Mackay-Bennett
RMS Titanic - from inventory of items recovered from bodies by cable ship Mackay-Bennett - an 18 carat gold and small old-cut diamond solitaire band/signet ring, slightly tapering (1/4ins)

Background imageTapering Collection: Bennane Head, Ballantrae Bay, Scotland

Bennane Head, Ballantrae Bay, Scotland
Bennane Head - a tapering piece of land formed of hard rock projecting into the Firth of Clyde, Scotland, at the northern end of Ballantrae Bay, southwest of Girvan. Date: circa 1940s

Background imageTapering Collection: Trichiurus lepturus, or Largehead Hairtail

Trichiurus lepturus, or Largehead Hairtail, a species of cutlassfish, also known as Beltfish and Bladefish. Date: 1863

Background imageTapering Collection: Muisca gold pendant. The tunjo of a warrior with

Muisca gold pendant. The tunjo of a warrior with tapering legs, reed-like, bent arms, one hand clasping an axe, solely adorned with a headdress and jewelry. 1300-1500. Chibcha art. Jewelry. COLOMBIA

Background imageTapering Collection: Self-acting lathe, light pattern

Self-acting lathe, light pattern, arranged for tapering. Height of centres 40 inches

Background imageTapering Collection: Self-acting lathe with tapering motion

Self-acting lathe with tapering motion, light pattern. Height of centres 21 inches

Background imageTapering Collection: BOOTS / PENROSEs 1908

A selection of front lacing boots - one example has a high heel and long tapering front

Background imageTapering Collection: Cutez Advertisement

Cutez Advertisement
A girl with exquisitely tapering fingers (and nails perfected by Cutex) dresses a Christmas tree

Background imageTapering Collection: Imperia / Dress by Worth

Imperia / Dress by Worth
Design by Worth: white fur coat with thick collar, sleeveless gown with tapering straps, flaring skirt with brown fur hem & a vandyked motif in gold

Background imageTapering Collection: Costume 1912 / Houghton

Costume 1912 / Houghton
Men: morning coat, striped grey trousers, top hat, sac suit with tapering trousers with turn-ups & spats. Woman: white tailor-made with hobble skirt & button detailing

Background imageTapering Collection: D-B Varsity Suit 1907

D-B Varsity Suit 1907
American suit: D-B Varsity with broad lapels, shaped cuffs, double pocket flaps & loose-hip trousers tapering at the ankle. A tad too elaborate to be considered elegant

Background imageTapering Collection: COSTUME 1791-1792

COSTUME 1791-1792
Man: top hat with a tapering crown & cut-away coat. Women: buffonts (buffons), belt with medallion buckle, a skirt with a vandkyked & oranmented hem, pierrot jacket

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